Monday, March 25, 2013


Kevin Bryant

Why is it when someone moves from the center on an issue to the left, it is “evolving” but when someone moves from the center to the right, they are “misguided”?

I don’t think I am misguided. 15 - 20 years ago, my political opinions closely related to those of Harry Truman. To this day, he is still on my list of top 10 Presidents even though I have “evolved” somewhat from my ideas in the mid to late 90’s. For Al: that would be the 1990’s and NOT the 1890’s J . 

Rarely have I ever witnessed a move from center to right that was not motivated by a moral shift. Then again, rarely have I ever seen a move from center to left in anyone at all other than a politician and that move was 90% politically motivated. So who are really the ones “evolving” and who are the ones “

Let us look at our old buddies, the Clintons. Bill supported the Defense of Marriage Act and signed it into law. Recently he has “evolved” in his thinking and believes it to be unconstitutional. For the record, I too think it is unconstitutional but for a totally different set of reasons most of which involves the 10th Amendment. In 2004, Hillary proclaimed she was 100% behind marriage being strictly between a man and a woman. Today….she has “evolved”.

I am sick of seeing the media praise those who move from center to left and excoriate those who move from center to right. Since when does the media dictate which way our own moral compasses point. What I am even more sick of is watching the moral compasses of politicians spin faster than the windmill lawn ornament in my neighbor’s lawn.

For those thinking I am only going to comment about the Clinton’s……. SURPRISE.

The $10 million RNC study on how to attract more people to the GOP, this thing is a joke. What a waste of money and time. Oh boy, they did focus groups of selected people. I bet that didn’t include anyone reading this. I know it didn’t include me. If they needed someone to tell them how to look even more foolish than they already do, I would have done it for free. If they wanted to know why I am so turned off by the GOP establishment in general, I would have been happy to give them a list of reasons why.

In the 1980’s and previous, very few average citizens would actually abandon their moral beliefs and embrace an idea they truly did not believe in. In the 1980’s and before, whenever government tried to intrude and dictate what our morals would be, we shut them down and told them to butt out of our lives. Is anyone revolting against government dictating moral behavior and beliefs today?

Why couldn’t “evolving” mean every person who would sacrifice their morals for power, whether that power be political, financial or any other means, become shrouded in a cocoon and emerge sometime later as a beautiful butterfly…………… only to be eaten by a bird within 15 seconds of their initial flight.

If either or both of my grandfathers were alive today and saw me acting like 70% of the population, not only would I get a serious rap on the head from them, I would be an idiot not to expect it and I suspect Grandfather Vines and Grandfather Wineland both voted democrat religiously. Many would say it was a different time back when they lived and it was. But I refuse to believe morals have changed that much but sadly, I have accepted the fact that personal honor means little in today’s society. The main thing I have learned from my parents is there is no greater judge of what type of person stands before you than how his actions align with his word.

EVOLVING: America sadly is evolving, straight into a centralized state where Washington holds ALL the power and the population has freely given their rights and freedoms to become slaves to the government. I refuse to “evolve”.


barb p said...

Those of us who see where we are headed are so much the minority, it really frightens me to think we are on a downhill roll, and we have let our brakes fail!

Grant Burmer said...

Well said, more diplomatically than I would express. Sadly too many politicians and others would sell their integrity for a piece of silver. I find it very disturbing to witness as you do. Grant.

republican patriot said...

I have evolved too, not so much as getting more liberal but maybe just the opposite. My views used to be that of pro-choice, but the more I consider the ramifications of that view the more I have leaned towards maybe I have evolved....guess
I should change my statement on what I believe.....this is the first time I have admitted this

bud s said...