Monday, April 8, 2013

Who/What Could Be Worse Than A Lawyer?

Who/What Could Be Worse Than A Lawyer?
Kevin Bryant

There are so many forms of “low-life’s” in America today but for many, the stereotypical “lawyer” sits on top of the heap. Yes, there are a 1000+ lawyer jokes floating around the internet on any given day. Lawyers rightfully get the blame for the backlog of our court system, they get the blame for nullifying a handshake as a contract. They rightfully get the credit for stupid warnings like; “Do Not Use This Hairdryer While Taking A Shower”. Yes, Americans love to hate lawyers in the same manner as they love to hate the IRS. Of course, many of those working at the top levels of the IRS are ….. Lawyers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is even a worse snake out there than the ambulance chasing lawyer who is on the constant prowl to sue someone. Yes, someone even worse than Gloria Alred. These snakes are more cunning, more fearless. They run in packs each protecting the other. Unlike the lawyers, these snakes have particular targets and many Americans freely give our young to these snakes and we pay for the opportunity to feed their frenzy. So, what statistically could possibly be worse than a lawyer………. Drum roll please…… The Public University Professor.

The world of academia has become so infested with liberal hate spewing, religious and race baiting “educators” that there is hardly a student at a university that does not come across at least 1 of these snakes in a given semester. Over 60% of the public university professors now act as though they believe they are more important to the development and the guidance of a student than the student’s parents and it is “their job” to properly educate your child in all aspects of life. Of course, in their minds, properly educate means fill their heads with their personal beliefs and not allow them to think for themselves without fear of reprisal.

When a lawyer, cop, politician or most high school teachers go too far off the “reservation”, there is usually a group of peers that will pull this person back into the mainstream reality of what their job is and how to professionally execute the tasks within their chosen profession. When was the last time you heard a college professor condemn the actions of another professor? Even in the multiple cases inappropriate relations between a professor and a student, these so called esteem individuals don’t condemn, they rally around the accused even after they are proven guilty in a unified attempt to shield that person from reprisal. Tenure Above All Else!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekly, like clockwork, students are BULLIED into denouncing Christianity on university campuses. Weekly, students are FORCED to endure socialist indoctrination. Weekly, students are THREATENED with a failing grade if they question a professor. Weekly, students are PRESSURED to silently sit through hysterical rants about the evils of capitalism. Weekly, students are ORDERED to learn and appreciate the teachings of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. To be a college professor at most public universities today, you must be a fringe radical liberal willing to, upon obtaining tenure, force radical socialism down the throats of the next generation, and we get to pay for it all twice. We pay in the form of tuition and again in the taxes we pay. What about the student that rejects the radical teachings of the university but does not do so outwardly? One has to wonder what type of pressure he or she under. For most, it is very apparent they get their degrees and move on with their lives. Some recognize the necessity of a change of schools and far too often a student crumbles under the pressure and cracks mentally becoming a danger to him or her and/or others.

Being a Christian conservative at most universities today has to feel like being a Christian forced to attend services for a month at a Islamic Mosque. You know they won’t harm you but at the same time, you are “the infidel” who is shunned by all.

Lawyers may not have been born with souls, but college professors sell their. Personally, I would rather be at a rap concert full of nothing but ambulance chasing lawyers for 24 straight hours than be at a BBQ with 3 or more college professors. And for the record, I absolutely without question detest rap music to the very core of my soul and without question…. If it were possible, I’d eat BBQ 3x a day / 7 days a week.

I guess it’s true: "those that can…, "those that can’t….teach".

When will parents start basing where their child goes to college based on quality of education, university policies and the quality of educators? Facing low student enrollments, then and only then will the university faculties step up and clean up their ranks.


barb p said...

I guess my world is so small, I have never heard this before. I really hope this is 'Kevin's opinion' and not some proven fact!

republican patriot said...

Unfortunately this is very true of today's universities and professors!

barb p said...

I find this horrific!!!!! I am SO GLAD I am the age I am and not younger. God help our young people and our country. What he is doing to medicare and Social Security will be devastating to so many people!! The disgust I feel for this man in almost indescribable!!!