Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Patriots

Dear Patriots
William G Burmer

If you are like me there are times when you might feel like "OK Mr. or Mrs. Congressperson, or Mr. President bring your legislation to my door and I will show you where you can put it." Politicians seem to be seeking more and more ways to limit our personal ability to care for ourselves, and I find it exasperating to say the least. Proposed legislation with regard to guns and self defense display a total disconnect with truth or reality. If certain laws such as Prop 8 are opposed by the "Gay Society" they take it to a single sympathetic State or Federal Judge and attempt to rule the vote of thousands of American Citizens null and void.
Quite frankly I am finding all these actions and others like it reprehensible to say the very least. The events of the last six months since Benghazi in Libya, Egypt and most recently Palestine SCREAM for, at the very least IMPEACHMENT, if not trial for TREASON of President Obama.
He has callously violated his Oath of office to protect and defend the United States of America and honor the Constitution for the United States of America. These allies of his burn our flag, yell death to America and Obama gives aid, comfort and support in the form of Millions of our dollars, and, at the same time complaining that we have not the funds to care for our personal needs IE our open borders. I hereby charge that NUMEROUS politicians are just as culpable in these matters, and seem to support Obama and lack the courage and the integrity of person and or office to shout ENOUGH!!!
As an Old Vietnam Vet I am frankly disgusted with my representatives, the whole lot in Sacramento California where I live, along with my representatives in the Federal Senate and Congress of both Parties. They most all reek of cronyism, and have statist mindsets. It appears by those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear that power and money control the least of them; and they are willing to flush their integrity down the S---hole for it.
I only hope and pray daily, that the American People, those who love our traditions, our history, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, will rise up and vote properly in the next few elections, and thus, restore our republic. We can hopefully avoid any future bloodshed or need to exercise our God Given rights of self defense for their preservation. You either stand for American or get your Communist ass the hell out of my country. If you think my words are insightful, GOOD, You got the message.
Unlike Obama I honor my oath to protect and defend, and so do millions of Veterans just like me. There are many silently praying for our country, let none of us fail to make our voices heard and our politicians made to shake and fear our indignation or contempt for their inaction in our behalf.


Kevin Bryant said...

America, in my opinion, is falling apart and our own government is the reason. As Rome crumbled from within centuries ago, we are on the same path to repeat their mistakes.

barb p said...

Well said Mr. Burmer! I do agree with your words!!