Monday, May 13, 2013

Grumpy Old White Guys,

Grumpy Old White Guys,
Kevin Bryant 

I did something over the weekend that I usually only do about 3 to 4 times a year. I went to Al’s page and read the comments on many of the postings. Why do I only do this a few times a year? I do it because I don’t want to get too hung up on the statements then try to tailor the opinions that I do write to the readers. I do appreciate the comments and welcome all, positive and negative and my email address is even posted on the website if someone wants to send me a direct message they do not wish to share with everyone. I do read my emails most days of the week though rarely do I check them on weekends.  

The perception of conservatives in general is that we are all just a bunch of grumpy old white guys who refuse to …… (my favorite word lately) EVOLVE and accept and embrace the liberal ideas for a “more perfect world”. Lenin, Mao, Marx and Hitler all believes they were creating a more perfect world as did our forefathers. The difference is, our forefathers did create a more perfect world by allowing the people of the United States to hold the power and delegate it to representatives. More importantly, they gave the people the power to remove those representatives if they did not do the job they were elected to do, which was nothing more than be the voice of the people whom elected them to office.  

In some ways I guess I am a grumpy old white guy because I do not like the changes I see happening. 

One reader – Barb P.: I don’t know who you are but I spent a lot of time on Sunday reflecting on many of your comments over the past 4 months. With a name like Barb P., I don’t believe you qualify as a “grumpy old white guy”, however I do like the way you express yourself. Have you ever thought about writing?  

Conservatives aren’t just grumpy old white guys. If that were true, my son would be like a fish out of water. Barb P. and my wife and many of my wife’s female friends would likewise be like fish out of water. Poor Dr. Ben Carson, absolutely not a grumpy old white guy, so what in the world we call him? Personally I call him a very courageous and inspirational man willing to take the heat for expressing his beliefs.  

There are many who hold conservative beliefs but do not express them; for fear of reprisal or worry over being shunned by members of their community or for whatever reasons. I still have my “Buck Ofama” magnet on the back of my car and I refuse to take it off except when my wife or daughter rides in the car and I am going through rough neighborhoods. I have been honked at, flipped off and once I had a pistol pointed at me just for expressing my opinion through the use of that magnet. Rarely do I drive through them except to go to my in-laws or to the VA hospital.  

The point of all of this is simple. Liberals will dismiss me, Al, Grant & Ron as nothing but stereotypical grumpy old white guys and why not, they have been doing it for years and have many actually believing it. Rand Paul is really the only nationally known high profile white male trying to change that. Think about it, how many other “white guys” have gone to an all black college and gave a speech on conservatism and the makeup of who conservatives really are.  Sure there are the Ann Coulter’s and Michelle Malkin’s out there but it’s easy to paint them as right wing extremist. It’s harder to paint everyday bill and house juggling housewives, working moms, especially minorities who fit that description as right wing extremist. Write your opinions to your local paper(s), send comments to left wing bloggers and TV/Radio personalities. Let them know conservatives aren’t just grumpy old white guys, they are also high school and college students, housewives, career minded men and women of all colors, creed, sexual orientation, religious/non-religious beliefs.  

Until the opinions of conservatism is changed at the bottom, the ideas of conservatism will struggle to be heard or felt at the top. 


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barb p said...

Right again...I'm definitely not a "Grumpy Old White Guy", Old- yes, white- yes, and

often grumpy. But as you can well confirm...a writer I am not, but I will take that

as a compliment! Thanks to Kevin, and you Al for sharing all these blogs!

Grant Burmer said...

Well Said.

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