Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Patriots;

Dear Patriots:
IRS TYRANNY and Government
William G Burmer

A mere mention of the IRS and people in general cringe, hurl, or find a hole and hide in it until they feel brave enough to open their letter. The IRS, even for those who are very wealthy, view them as having venom deadlier than a snake and are willing to pay extra taxes on their 1040 just to hopefully steer clear of a possible audit. The "Rich" being harassed for following the rules that Congress has made in the Tax Code as "Loopholes" is so ludicrous IT cries out STOOPID. Those in the Congress who use the word to solicit the favor of the ill informed, or low information Pons, need to look closely in the Mirror and slap themselves back into reality.

The IRS in very fact act as an independent agency of government, and appear to function without any conscience, or fear of oversight by the Congress. They also appear to make up rules to suit their own purposes for any time or circumstance. They, whoever they are, can and do notice you without a signature. Any contract with them is between the person being noticed and the entity IRS. No real person in the IRS is made liable, as in the real world of contracts and mutual obligations for errors or omissions. IRS fines and penalties are, in addition, arbitrary. They have their own courts and judiciary, making the prospect of winning a case against them virtually impossible; leaving the average person without recourse. Lastly the IRS functions completely outside the Constitution, making their actions absolutely tyrannical.

The IRS has been used as a weapon over the heads of the American citizen for years by all classes of government servant. Matter of fact the term, government servant, has become a misnomer, replaced by a seaming plethora of godless tyrants instead. Years ago I submitted a legal argument in protest of an IRS filing in the county where I live for putting a lean on my property. The agency responsible for accepting my legal brief protesting the IRS lean, threatened me with arrest for insisting that it be filed. I was left without recourse and the IRS lean still stands today. I am not a lone citizen in these regards with a personal grievance with this agency, I dare say there are hundreds, even thousands of citizens like me who have suffered the same or similar experience.

Recently as the events of the last 3-4 years have come to light regarding the IRS, our Congress has been literally forced to actually look at, and investigate the inner workings of this tyrannical strong arm of government which includes the White House. We all are aware of Water Gate, and that at this very moment President Obama is up to his eyebrows responsible for dramatically increasing the role of the IRS as overseers for government health care tyrannically forced upon the American public to spite vehement protests; for using the IRS to harass conservative political action committees, Tea Party and Conservative groups opposed to his Communist Ideology.

Before you go off and badger me about "where is the proof for using such strong language against OBAMA" the too obvious appearance of constant favors and special treatment, lies upon lies, which seem to be common in this administration, in favor of the connected, the powerful, the unions and the well born must surely disgust all reasonable men of this great nation, along with the many misrepresentations and deceiving rhetoric concealing truth from the American Public deserve the disdain of all honest men and women serving now in the Congress of the United States of America. I know that the American Patriot feels this disdain.

Not only has the Congress's preliminary discoveries found that the IRS is rotten to its very roots, those called to hearings, those who are supposed to be overseers have refused to discuss with the Congress their roles and or obligations to answer Who, When, Where, What and Why.

It has become clear to the general public at large that people like Steven T Miller, Lois Lerner, Danny Werfel, Doug Schulman, Joseph H. Grant, and others at the highest level of the IRS act like political hacks for the OBAMA machine; acting as virtual tyrants, to high and mighty in their lofty towers of power to answer to the Congress of the United State of America. All of these people ought to go to prison!

Congress has a fiduciary responsibility now to reform the IRS, Ideally get rid of it, start over with a simplification of the tax code, flat tax, tithe etc. At least make it so that the people do not have to feel threatened, harassed, violated and raped by this covert enemy of Liberty.

Is it too simple for our Congress to make up a one page tax form which says on one line, this is how much you made, and a second line pay 10% to the United States Treasury for taxes this year. Talk about fare, you cannot get more fare than that.

Tax exempt foundation may require some minimum oversight to prevent fraud but beyond that such a plan would make it possible to make America, America again. Jobs, industry, manufacturing, ingenuity would be booming in no time.

As for the less fortunate, as Christ said, "the poor will always be with you" but then the churches, and private citizens would then be able to help those who need it without any need for government intervention. Personal responsibility and liberty would again be enshrined as edifying principles of behavior. As long is there such an entity as the IRS left to exist the liberty and real wishes of its citizens will always be under duress and threat from those in government office who covet power, and would make the people a slave to them.

Congress should know how angry Americans are and I hope they are listening. Enough, stop the lies stop the tyranny, STOP.


barb p said...

I am in N.C. visiting my other Sister, Jo,. She had a guest today...guess where the
conversation went? IRS and taxes...we all seem to be feeling the same way. I told her about your dilemma; she offered a phone number of several attorneys that are filing suits against the
IRS. If you want their numbers I will share.

bud s said...