Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Party Loyalty, I Don’t Think So

Party Loyalty, I Don’t Think So
Kevin Bryant 

Two weeks ago I was in an online debate over immigration with some jackass who goes by the screen name EndlessRepetition on the Daily Caller website. The more I keep thinking about this difference of opinions, the angrier I get. According to him, I am a “bad republican who shows no loyalty to the party or the party leadership”. Note to all who reads this: I am NOT a republican.  

If there are any readers out there who knows who this person (EndlessRepetition) is, please feel free to forward this to him because this whole thing is about him. 

Since when are we supposed to be loyal subjects of our elected politicians and those who lead the parties they represent? If this were true, we would still be an English colony. I live in a district who is represented by a racist named Emanuel Cleaver. Why do I call him a racist? He leads the congressional black caucus. The CBC promotes racism, hate and division. They are the congressional version of the New Black Panthers with more power than the KKK has had in the last 80 years. My state is represented by Clare McCaskill and Roy Blunt; two HUGE big government, centralized power politicians who agree 80% of the time. It’s hard to tell who between them is the true democrat and who is just a DNC butt kisser.  

Loyalty to the republican party: why would I want to be loyal to a group who thinks acting like democrats will win them elections? Would you be loyal to a party that has to spend MILLIONS on focus groups and analyst to figure out what those they are suppose to representing actually think? Roughly 65% of the republicans in congress only vote the way their electorate wants them to when they know it will put them in the spotlight and make themselves look good. The rest of the time it’s all about themselves and what they can do to better their own lives, grow government and accumulate more power.  

EndlessRepetition….., this closet fascist is all for allowing government the freedom to do as they please and we, as loyal subjects are supposed to blindly have faith that they are doing what is best for America. This fascist believes we are not to question our leaders or doubt their sincerity. This fascist believes that all homosexuals will never know God, be in God’s good graces or ever reach the kingdom of heaven because they genetic reject and freaks of nature. I have no use for or respect for anyone who believes that my lesbian daughter is a genetic reject or a freak of nature.  

Why do I call EndlessRepetition a fascist? He believes in unchecked centralized power bit still holds in the belief of private business and is foolish enough to believe the two will never mix. If you read his postings, they are similar in nature to the very rantings of Adolph Hitler during is push to become Chancellor of Germany. He believes I should take his word as gospel and not dare question his wisdom. Maybe I should just call him Baby Adolph.  

Party loyalty is by far the #1 reason why this country is in the economic and social mess it’s in. Obama himself will tell you that replacing Boehner with Pelosi is what is best for the country. Supporting democrat politicians is what is best for the country. On the flip side everyone from Rience Priebus to Graham to McCain to Rove keep stating “give us your support and we will right the wrongs of this country”. I wouldn’t trust them to balance my checkbook. 

In GOD I trust. All others must earn it.


Jeff C said...

Look at the deals the rep leadership is cutting now on capital hill. Time for a house cleaning or the TeaParty ascends.

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