Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Responsibility Is The Key!

Responsibility Is The Key!

Al Ritter 

We’ve heard so much in the last 4 weeks about “Justice for Trayvon” when we should have been praying for truth and a fair trial. People who claim that there was no “Justice for Trayvon” either hadn’t watched the entire trial or they never wanted a fair trial to begin with.
George Zimmerman never disputed the fact that he in fact did kill Trayvon; he accepted his responsibility in Martin’s death. Racist pundits have concluded that Trayvon would never have been killed if Zimmerman had been carrying a gun. It is also true that Trayvon would never have been killed had he not started the physical part of the fight. Martin was continually portrayed as a “child” and in the last few days of the trial the prosecution even futilely tried to have child abuse charges added to the docket, even though Martin outweighed Zimmerman by 30 lb. and towered 5 inches over him.
This action along with the unprecedented action of the judge to add a lesser charge of manslaughter added to the possible guilty verdicts showed what a baseless case the prosecution actually had.
What has not been addressed is the responsibility the Martin family had in their own son’s death. The parents did not act responsibly in their son’s upbringing. They stood idly by while Trayvon acted more and more like a common criminal, through his drug use, his numerous criminal thefts and, his well- documented increasingly violent nature.
We watched as time after time the judge in the trial denied motions for the defense to show Trayvon’s true nature to the jury. Instead the media’s portrayal of the innocent teenager who only went out for a bag of Skittles stood. Not once did I hear in the trial how it was pouring rain that cold night at 3 AM. Or why his father was or wasn’t aware of his absence in the house at that hour. Not once did we hear about Trayvon’s thuggish posts to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. With only two days left it came to light that the two things martin was carrying that night were a bag of skittles and an Arizona watermelon iced tea, the two main ingredients only missing Robitussin cough syrup to make a powerful and potentially lethal drug commonly used by Rappers and the “culture.” The judge actually had to struggle with allowing the medical examiner to inform the jury that he had THC in his system the night of his death.
We got to see a massive amount of denying responsibility in this trial, enough to go around everywhere with the exception of ONE person….George Zimmerman, he had already accepted his part in Martin’s death.
Trayvon’s parents have denied their part in all this as before the trial have even begun; they had already sought to trademark all phrases having to do with Trayvon’s name in an effort to make money on their son’s death. In the last few days of the Zimmerman’s trial they made a settlement with the Home Owner’s Association in Zimmerman’s complex for over $1 million dollars, although that amount has been sealed by the courts.
Lastly the one who was most responsible for Trayvon’s death was Trayvon himself. Had he not snuck up behind Zimmerman and sucker punched him, the deadly spiral would not have begun. Martin supporters claimed that had Zimmerman not followed Martin this never would have happened. To this claim I say………following someone is NOT against the law……. The committing second degree battery however is! Zimmerman’s attorneys chose to use self-defense as his defense in the case not the stand your ground law, and that is exactly what it was……….and the jury of 6 women also said the same thing.
Because Eric Holder and Barack Obama aren’t satisfied with the outcome and vow to press on only makes a mockery of our legal system……… either believe in it fully or you don’t.


republican patriot said... Just the facts on the trial, very enlightening!

Kevin Bryant said...

It is my belief that our Dark Skinned Half Caucasian President would love nothing more than to be able to declare Martial Law and what better way to be able to do that than to have race riots that rival or exceed those of the 60's. He and the DOJ have done nothing but promote division since Jan 2009 and stepped it up in 2011 when the democrats lost the House of Representatives. He could no longer legally trounce on the constitution and is finding it harder to circumvent with each passing election cycle. The people believe this is about "Justice For Trayvon", but the Obama administration has bigger targets in their sights.

Terri Jo said...

Amen... my blood pressure had been off the charts with the
showing of that 12 yr old pic of him... not once the
tattoed, 6ft, muscle man that he was was ever shown! I
think someone should sue the MEDIA starting with Abc for the
chaos they have caused... Truely amazing!!

barb g said...

Good article Al, remember Trayvon's friend "Jeantel" the "ebonic bimbo", look what people want to do for her

Jeantel has been offered multiple scholarship opportunities, including one from morning radio talk show host Tom Joyner, who has offered her a tutor to help her graduate and to prep for the SAT and four years of tuition to any Historically Black College or University

bud s said...


barb p said...

These are great points is sad this is so far from being over!