Monday, July 15, 2013

The Gift Of Multiple Scandals.

The Gift Of Multiple Scandals.
Kevin Bryant 

The latest additions to all the Obama scandals since he first entered office may just be the break this administration was seeking. 

Overwhelming the system doesn’t just work for damaging the U.S. financial system. Benghazi, NSA, IRS, AP, GSA, Fast & Furious and the list goes on. There is not a single entity in the government which is not controlled by an Obama puppet that has the time and resources to pursue all these issues. Sure, Congress is “holding hearings” but when they don’t hold people accountable who are basically giving them the finger instead of telling the truth, what good is congress doing?  

Even the press won’t cover all these issues. Mostly because they are nothing more than an extension of the forever ongoing Obama campaign, but even the few that do not support him do not have the resources or connections to properly pursue them to their ends. The days of Woodward and Bernstein are over.  

Local news coverage on these issues has all but completely grinded to a halt. Not because these issues no longer exist, rather there are too many to cover in their short period of air time. Once the local news stop covering an issue, the roar dies down to a few chirping crickets and the people lose interest. Many will fall into the inevitable false realization that these issues have been resolved somehow and they must have just “missed it”.  

With all these different scandals and issues presented, it’s easy to for someone like me to feel overwhelmed.  There are just too many different issues floating around to really concentrate on a single one. Personally, I have opinions on all of them but with my own 40 hour a week job and trying to actually have a life on top of that, it doesn’t leave much time to write. Then trying to decide which issue to talk about becomes a big glob of thoughts that seem to bounce from one to another and another. So what is my end result, I get blocked and can’t write anything on a single subject. This is likely true with many other amateur conservative bloggers who do the same juggling act as well. As for the liberal bloggers, they are still too busy digging up lame examples of conservatives doing what the liberals are doing and then spinning the facts to make it all appear that this administration is justified in all of its actions because “the right does it too”. 

Simply put, I have writer’s block right now. As I stated earlier, there are just so many things going on, it’s impossible to pick something, attempt to write apiece on it and be able to stay on subject. 

A challenge to all who read this, send me a 1 or 2 paragraph or even just a couple of sentences email on any topic of your choice that you have strong conviction on. Send them to and help me get out of this funk. Please title your emails “U Asked 4 It” so I don’t mistake them for junk and delete them. 


barb p said...

I agree as far as there is so much going on and what do you specifically address...but, lol,
that will have to be his choice...

Grant Burmer said...

"you Asked 4 it"
You answered your own questions in the 4th paragraph of your commentary. Obama's entire operative is to divide and conquer. The more scandals, the harder it is to stay focused. Add to this his lack of character and moral degeneracy we are left speechless. What is truly revealing is that the majority of the Congress and Senate follow in the same foot steps. Reminds me some what of the story in St. Mark, Chapter 5 Verses 1-20.

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