Friday, July 12, 2013

What's Next?

What’s Next?
Kevin Bryant
It has been evident for the past several years that there has been no one at home in the white house. The entire Obama administration has repeatedly claimed to not have knowledge of anything until it has been reported in the press. How can someone be the leader of the free world when he can’t even lead his own administration?
Leadership in the GOP has been absent for years as well. What does it say about the GOP when they spend millions of dollars on focus groups to tell them what they should already know? Are these people too dumb to understand what their own supporters have been yelling at them for years?
Military leadership has been absent for so long now who can really remember when they had real leadership. I think it was actually under the Reagan administration. Starting with George H. W. Bush, the military went from being a force built on principle and cohesion to one of political correctness and test subjects for social change. How does one lead their fighting forces when they are too busy kissing the backsides of the politicians while covering their own?
So much of America has been without real leadership for so long it is a miracle we have still managed to survive this long. Leadership is not doing what is popular or politically correct. It ‘s doing what is right in spite of popularity and political correctness. We have gone from a nation that put our faith in God, modeled our laws after God’s teachings and believing man (and woman) is better served by thinking for themselves to a nation that has demanded that God be removed from every aspect of our lives, our beliefs and our principles.
Our currency has on it E Pluribus Unum  or Out Of Many, One. From a time even before this nation was founded, people went through enormous struggles to come to America and be “An American”. Now we have Americans that don’t want to be Americans and instead of moving to other nations, they wish to change this one. America today is so divided by so many lines I have no clue as to how many divisions I actually fall under. Here is just a few of those fault lines that  America is ripping itself apart by: I am male, I am white, I am a Christian, I am 45 & 50 years of age, I make $XXXX a month, I am a conservative, I am employed in the private sector……… get the point?
Our currency also has printed on it “In God We Trust”. Today, about 30% of Americans place more trust and faith in the American Government than they do in God. We have gone from “Love Thy Neighbor” to “Spy On Thy Neighbor”. We have gone from “Seek and Ye Shall Find” to “Government Shall Provide”. We have gone from "Rights Endowed By Our Creator” to “Rights Granted By Our Politicians”, then we, as Americans, have the gall to ask God to “Bless America”? Would it not be more appropriate at this point to ask God to “Save America” before it comes to “God, Please Just Put Us All Out Of Our Misery”.
We have sunk from a nation of strong principled leadership to popularity leadership to no leadership in all forms of government and politics. What’s next?


barb p said...

I think the only next step is to take our country back...

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Grant Burmer said...

Startling (for some) common sense observation.