Monday, December 30, 2013

Closing In on Milestones!

Closing In on Milestones!
Al Ritter 

Well folks, like Kevin said in his last article, we are closing out yet another at Al’s political view, and I thought I’d share with you a little insight to the website. In March we will mark our 6th year! that’s not the real picture though! 

I started in 2008 because of Al Gore and his attack on the American people in the way of carbon foot print taxes. Fortunately we have sidestepped his attack and even the UN has lost their credibility on the issue, hopefully Obama’s push on Man-made Global warming will fall flat on its face too. 

After starting my own blog in 2008 I also started writing for in 2009. After I year they attempted to censor me and shortly after I stopped my association with them. Oddly enough my resignation article from the Examiner has been one of my most popular articles. Between both writing venues I have published over 1500 articles in the 6 years. 

Verizon is my server and some people have requested that I place links to my individual articles, and although that would be nice, Verizon in their infinite wisdom views that as spam and kicks out any article with links. With that being said let’s give this another try als political view dot blog spot dot com is the website just delete all the spaces and add the dots where needed….lol. 

Now let me give you a rundown on our history and readership. Of course the good ol’ USA is our biggest readership, but the next countries in line may surprise you. I recently added a language translator to the site to make it easier for our fans to read our opinions. Second place in the countries that read our blog is Russia, followed by Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and the Ukraine. 

With these articles comes a huge responsibility to report facts and not just opinions so I have always prided myself and my fellow writers with presenting those facts in easy to read and concise articles.  

Now onto the most popular articles in first place was an article entitled “Obama wants to microchip everyone like a dog!” followed by “To those considering writing for the, read this first!” then “Differences in a Republic and Democracy According to Madison” then “Who are we at War with Mr. President?” then rounding out the top 5 “Ron Investigates the Idea of Taxes – An Oppressive Factor.”  

Now onto our viewer’s operating systems, I found this interesting……not #1 of course which is Windows @ 81% followed by Linux @ 5% then Macintosh @ 5%, then iPhone @ 2% and iPad @ 1% all others were less than 1%. The top browsers in order were Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. 

Our traffic sources vary from time to time, mainly because of all our RSS feeds. Recently I left Facebook because of privacy issues and Mark Zuckerberg’s need to hand over my personal information to the Obama administration without so much as a warrant. I have however moved over to the Tea Party Community and would invite anyone to join me. 

I want to thank my co-writers Kevin Bryant, William (Grant) Burmer, and Ron Boat, their writing has been superb! I‘d be the first to admit I couldn’t do it without them! Hopefully 2014 will be a turning point for our country, I’d love to see the Republican’s take a few more seats in the Senate and the House.
I want to thank all of our readers the most, because without ears, a mouth can’t survive on it own! 

Cheers!.......see ya all in 2014!



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I am so glad you are give so much insight to those of us who otherwise would be totally uninformed...

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Nice article Cuz....I was really surprised that Russia was 2nd on your readership list.