Monday, December 23, 2013

Did I Offend You?

Did I Offend You?
Kevin Bryant 

Are you offended by the saying “Merry Christmas”? Does the name “Washington Redskins” irritate you? Are you like the MSNBC commentator and get upset when you hear the term “Obamacare’ because you think it is racist? Do you get mad when your child is not picked for a team during recess? Are you outraged over organized youth athletic groups that do not give out participation awards to everyone and actually allow teams to win and lose? Guess what. I DON’T CARE. 

If your child can’t do grade level work in school, it’s not the job of the school district to lower the standards just because you have a slower learning child. What is worse, holding a child back a year in school to allow them the opportunity to actually learn or just pass them along and ensure when they get out of school they only qualify to work at a fast food franchise. 

Southerners fly the confederate flag; they place them on their vehicles, in their home windows and even paint them on almost everything. Contrary to the masses out there that does not know American history, the confederate flag in NOT a racist symbol. It has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. It’s all about State’s Rights, Individual Freedoms and Southern Pride. It’s difficult for those raised in rust belt or the New England states or even those out west to understand Southern Pride. I’m not going to try and explain it because those from the south already know what it is and those not from the south lack the comprehension to fully grasp the fact that it is a way of life that we are born and bred into.
And since it is the Christmas season, what gives atheist the right to be offended by the idea of Christmas Trees, Christmas Carols, Nativity Scenes and the traditional Merry Christmas greeting. What happened to my right of expression? What happened to idea of a city council majority rule? Do you really know who is offended by all this? We The People are offended. We The People are being trampled by certain minority organizations who believe they are right, whether it’s about Christianity, Child Raising, Offensive Scenery or Statements. 

I’m sick and tired of Christian bashing, Freedom of Speech bashing, Freedom of Expression bashing, Gun Owner bashing, State’s Right bashing, bashing and labeling me a racist just because I am white and from the south. I have had it. I give hypocrites as much crap and grief as they give me. An atheist told me my Christian views were based on a need of dependency, I told him to enjoy burning in hell. People think is it wrong of me to own firearms because they kill people but will not allow me to place a sign in their yard declaring it a gun free zone. Whiners, Criers & Hypocrites….. I am sick of them all and if my beliefs and treating them equal to how they treat me offend them…… I DON’T CARE.


Steve Shermer said...

THANK YOU!!!! I'm SO sick of it all. The country needs a reboot in the worst way. Supposedly there are so many people so worried about offending someone else, they end up offending more people than if they'd done nothing at all! Have you heard about the Cracker Barrel thing? They took Duck Dynasty items off the shelf for fear of offending people over the stuff going on with Phil. It ended up, they got so much flack over they apologized and put the stuff back on the shelf. If they'd done nothing, I have little doubt that no one would've said a word.

bud s said...


barb p said...

I truly agree with what Kevin is saying. This is so to the point!!
If only over 51% of our country of or 'falling' country could feel
this way...

Grant Burmer said...

Wow, I love it, give um hell Bryant, Amen to you good brother!