Friday, January 24, 2014

An Open Letter to Karl Rove:

An Open Letter to Karl Rove:
Mr. Rove,

I write this with mixed emotion. Why is that you ask, it’s because I like what you do for the GOP in many aspects. The GOP needs strong voices like yours who know the insides of politics and aren’t afraid to speak their mind or the truth. The good you do for republican causes is not measurable but what you do to hurt conservative causes is just as great. Believe it or not, you, Mr. Karl Rove, can make more difference in the outcome of the 2014 & 2016 elections than the RNC Chair and Committee combined.  

No offense to you Sir, I do respect you, but this letter is to let you know that you really are further out of touch with mainstream conservatives than you realize. Senators Cornyn, McConnell, McCain, Portman, Graham, Flake, Collins, Alexander, Murkowski, Blunt, Hatch, as well as more than 100 Representatives who act and vote just like them, you would rather see them continue their blundering service in congress rather than have them in a primary runoff by someone conservatives and veterans trust to have their backs and their best intentions at heart. It kind of hurts to have Portman and Flake on this list because I used to really respect them but lately, they have spent too much time making nicey nice with the RINO establishment for me and millions like me to not really care to see them in office any longer than their current terms allow.  

The next two primary election cycles for the GOP are going to big government money verses small government enthusiasm. The general elections will take care of themselves as far as voter turnout goes. The problem with the GOP is they believe is they, like you, that incumbents should NOT have a primary challenge. This belief could not be further from the truth for most conservatives. Washington & government thinking will never change unless the people making the decisions are replaced. If voters turn out to throw out an incumbent, you can bet they will show up to vote the replacement in. At this point and not before, your PAC or any GOP type PAC need not get involved. 

America is on the wrong path. There are too many polls supporting this to have a very strong argument against it. Make your points during the general election to support the GOP’s candidate, not before. Save your PAC’s money and use it when and where it would do the most good. If a candidate has baggage, it will be brought out in the primaries. If that baggage needs to be defended, the defense will be public knowledge before the general election mode really matters. The only thing the democrat opponent will get from it is a talking point and by that time, it’s old news to everyone who would vote for the GOP candidate anyway. 

The problem with the establishment GOP and no offense, your problem as well, is the desire to keep the status quo within the party. The old saying, “The Status Quo Has Got To Go”, actually does need to apply to the GOP. They need to rid themselves of the stigma that the party is nothing more than a bunch of old rich white guys. The GOP establishment doesn’t have a backbone. The GOP establishment is afraid to speak the truth. The GOP establishment is weak at heart and the public knows it. The GOP has lost the ability to be on the offensive. Anyone who has served in the military or even knows football knows you don’t win when you aren’t able to mount an effective offense. All the GOP knows to do is play defense and they stink at it. 

Shake up the status quo, welcome the attacks and counter effectively and efficiently and for goodness sake, stop being afraid to hurt someone’s feelings if what you have to say is the truth.


Kevin Bryant


ginny m said...

Great letter!

barb p said...

That sounds like a great plan Kevin..if only...few politicians seem to care about the truth any longer...

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