Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When The 8th Amendment Should Not Apply

When The 8th Amendment Should Not Apply
Kevin Bryant 

Dennis McGuire raped and stabbed a 7 month pregnant woman to death in 1989. Due to the limited availability of drugs for lethal injection, the state of Ohio used a new “cocktail” to put this slime ball to death. Now the family is claiming outrage and suing because it took (depending on what source you read) 26 minutes for this sorry excuse for a human being to die. According to McGuire’s children, the state of Ohio violated this man’s 8th amendment rights. This pile of human excrement spent 24 YEARS on death row. During that time he costs the tax payers an insane amount of money keeping him alive, feeding him, tending to his healthcare, paying for all his appeals and on and on.  

Why do 99.9% of all executed criminals get to die practically pain free? We have the 2nd amendment which gives us all the right to own firearms yet we have removed that right from those with felony convictions. So, it would not actually like we would be setting precedence if we remove the 8th amendment rights of those sentenced to death.  

I have all the sympathy in the world for the family of the victims of crimes, and especially those that lose a loved one in a violent manner. I personally have no problem if every convicted murderer were to die in the same manner as their victim. In this particular case, this man should be violently sexually assaulted, stabbed and kept alive as long as his victim was so he could go to hell feeling what his victim felt as life slipped away. Am I wrong? 

I am sick and tired of our society giving constitutional rights to those who cross our borders illegally, those who try to kill our military or commit or attempt to commit acts of terror. I am especially sick and tired of a society that allows convicted felons more rights than they do the military that protects those same idiots who take away their rights while demanding rights for criminals.  

Ronald Reagan believed in peace through strength. Having a well armed and well trained military is one hell of a deterrent for those wishing to do America harm. Having strong and just laws for the family of the victims of crimes that warrant the death penalty would seem to me to be a great deterrent for those wanting to commit acts of violence. I’m not advocating harming the criminal while he is in custody, only during the carrying out of his/her death sentence. Why do we treat those who savagely kill another human being with kid gloves? 

It’s my opinion that only the family of the victim should have the right to spare these lowest of humans the pain and suffering these killers have caused upon their victims. Justice? In my opinion….this would be justice.  


barb p said...

I will never understand how any government , especially ours, will give so much in order to protest the rights of the guilty and so little to the victims.

Send these prisoners to another country and see what kind of 'justice' they receive. We really do things backwards here...

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