Friday, April 4, 2014

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

Crime and corruption appear to be a major part of being a politician at all levels of government as evidenced this past week with the arrest of California State Senator Leland Yee for conspiracy to deal firearms and wire fraud, with links to Chinese criminal organizations tied to Hong Kong.
Nevada State Senator Harry Reid was recently caught trying to blame his granddaughter for misappropriation of political funds used by him for gifts to his political supporters and donors from her jewelry store. You and I would be sent to prison, Harry seems to believe because he is a high ranking senator all he has to do is pay the money back.
Add to this list Nancy Pelosi her husband's land deals and their millions in real estate investments, some not disclosed for political gain, and the list goes on. Personally I covet all politicians who get a very cushy retirement benefit that sets them up for life with a minimum of four years "service" (work?) that the working Joe could only dream of having in 30 to 35 years, if they are lucky.
One has to be completely brain dead and naive to not believe that the American tax payer is being shafted big time. To not see that a political career that grosses millions of dollars is not somehow connected to some mafia ties, political interest groups, or foreign interest of some type. Personally it makes my skin crawl to believe such as this is going on in our republic, but it is.
If it were possible to investigate the persons representing us, we would most likely find corruption of every sort is taking place. With the kind of investigating going on the world press today, that will not happen. Not, until someone with the financial backing, integrity and back bone to find truth, comes out of the woodwork and is willing to reveal the who, where, what and why politicians are becoming rich. This, while the rest of us are robbed by the IRS and treated like we, the workers, are ungrateful cheaters, not willing to give our "fair share".
While there appears to be a revival of sorts going on in the Christian World, and Hollywood in particular, what is really needed is for the people to question their personal character, Integrity and grit to see what they can do to stem the tidal wave of corruption around them.
We need to be informed and as knowledgeable as possible. Individual integrity should never be replaced by, collectivism in all its forms, as a substitute, in a Free society. It is up to each individual to embrace Liberty and freedom over slavery. For me the choice is simple. I choose FREEDOM. Let us get rid of the political demons and elect representatives that revere our constitutional heritage and religious ideals. Perhaps in some way we can do what the press is unwilling to do for us. Clean up the dirt in DC.


barb p said...

It almost seems the more visible 'you' are, the less likely you are to be prosecuted, making no sense whatsoever !

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