Monday, April 21, 2014

My Two Cents

My Two Cents
Kevin Bryant
The Bundy Ranch in Clark Co Nevada is just the latest example of just how out of control our government has become. Yes, Mr. Bundy does owe grazing fees to the government but to send 200 armed agents to his ranch is way over what any person with a bit of intelligence would do.
Why would an agency that law enforcement is not their priority send 200 armed agents and police trained dogs to a ranch owned and operated by peaceful individuals? It’s not like the Bundy family is notorious criminals who have a history of violence. Perhaps the BLM agents were looking to or instructed to instigate a physical confrontation to justify arresting various Bundy family members and confiscating their weapons and other personal articles? The reason is not clear and a truthful explanation will never be given as to the reasoning behind all the armed agents, but one thing was made clear, The Federal Government of the United States is completely out of control.
This is not the only land the BLM has restricted from ranchers, recreation enthusiast and nature lovers recently. This is just the most recent and the most covered by local and national news. There are many theories as to why the BLM came in so heavily armed. Some say it’s because Harry Reid has a vested interest in the land. Some have theories about rare mineral deposits on the land that the government has agreed to provide to China despite our own military and civilian needs for it. My theory on the whole thing is a simple one, water.
In every instance where the BLM has forced people off dry federal lands where water has been present. The city of Las Vegas is using water at an unsustainable rate. Lake Mead is ¼ smaller than it was just 15 years ago. More people are taking water from the Colorado River now than at any time in recent history. The Colorado River is a major water source for several western states including Nevada.
How best does a dictatorship control its people? Control the basic necessities of life. What is more basic than water?   


barb p said...

An interesting "two cents".

Ron Boat said...

Kevin, so right as usual. The Bundy thing was weird cause so many wanted to rally around someone under siege and yet someone wrong in his own right but... the overreach of gov't can be terrifying.

NV should be a warning and wake up call to the extent a non-military agency would go to overtake a private citizen when other means would be better and maybe meet their goals. God help America!!!