Monday, May 26, 2014



Al Ritter 

Eric Holder seems to think he’s in the driver seat lately as a federally funded project expounds why America should harbor animosity towards “whites.” This is race baiting pure and simple. Let’s just for a minute assume he is right and whites and blacks share an equal distribution population wise in America. Is this a good thing to spend our money on? 

Divisiveness in America between races has now reached an all-time high because of two distinct reasons…Eric Holder Head of the Department of Justice, and Barack Obama our President. They are pushing an agenda of white Christian hatred and have been doing so for the last 5 ½ years. If the population of America was split 50/50 this would be bad enough but in actuality the population is 86/14% white to black. If we as citizens had seen the “White Entertainment Channel” or the “White Miss America” contest, or white children expounding “White Power” with a school as a back drop, African Americans would be livid. Yet every day we see racism shown by the black community and yet nothing is done about it. Why is that Mr. Holder? Does your personal position as an African American Secretary of Justice taint your view of the world? Has it tainted your view of cases that should have actually been prosecuted but weren’t? 

Let’s view the term “prejudice” to pre judge. In my twenties I think I had a pretty open view of the term, in fact I was a Democrat back then. Yes I know that surprises you….but I was! I viewed the world through rose colored glasses and ignored reality. Over the years we judge people on their past performance of their actions, and there are quite a few people of all ethnic backgrounds and religions that I view differently. I see this as “postjudice” not prejudice, and I’ll give you a few examples. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two that I see in the same light. They both play the race card, and earn a living from it. They have both lied and cheated in the public eye, and neither has graduated from Divinity College, yet both claim the title of “Reverend.” I have NO respect for either one based entirely on their past actions that reflect a one way philosophy on race. 

Therefore my opinion of both these individuals is based on postjudice rather than prejudice. I see Muslims as the most likely religion to strike fear in the hearts of the Christian world because of some 15,000 attacks since 9/11 on nations that both coddle to their needs and others with abhor them. Their religion in my eyes had spawned hatred since the Munich Games, but of course that was just MY enlightening as attacks have been going on since the 4th century. Is this prejudice on my part or postjudice? 

Because the illegal immigration has been going on for decades, we can’t lay the blame at any one administration’s feet, but…….. Barack Obama has chosen to take the path of ignoring the law on many fronts not just this segment. He keeps taking about immigration reform when the real issue should be enforcement of existing immigration law. Our country will never be safe until we can reign in our borders and bring those law breakers to justice. I must admit I can’t place the blame on illegals; they are only doing what they are allowed to do under our law. The 14th amendment to our Constitution was originally enacted to give slaves citizenship. Yet the democrats have construed and twisted its meaning to allow “anchor babies” into this country causing immeasurable damage to the family units of Latina families. I understand this predicament but on the other hand I DON’T see the 14th amendment as being the gateway to allowing such a travesty to occur. If this amendment had not been twisted in this way and allowed for anchor babies, we would NOT be in the situation we are in now. The anchor baby idea was passed under the Johnson Administration in 1965……Babies born to illegal alien mothers within U.S. borders are called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency. If I have to place a postjudice on this action I’d have to place it on President Johnson who signed the law into action. Now Illegals who continue over the border now only share a small portion of responsibility because President Obama could stop this porous border problem in the stroke of his pen but chooses not to. 

Prejudice, it’s s strong word, it’s a divisive word, and more to the point it’s an incendiary word. It sparks hatred and anger, but just be aware America, look up the word racism in the dictionary. Nowhere does it claim who is the victim, it works both ways! Let's have a discussion on Race, but let's not have it a one sided discussion like it is now!



Kevin Bryant said...

What is worse: A racist President & Attorney General or a blind and bias media?

barb p said...

Al I so agree with exactly what you are saying. Much of this has been said in many conversations I have had with friends. The worst part is, we allow this to happen. Feeling like the 'light at the end of the tunnel' is in FACT a train, any guess who the engineer is?????

jeff c said...

Amen AR. Let us really have a discussion of racial discrimination in thus country. My background-evolution is very similar to yours: RFK liberal to constitutional conservative.

I want my country back.

Grant Burmer said...

WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bud s said...