Friday, June 6, 2014

Destroying the U.S. Political System

Destroying the U.S. Political System
Kevin Bryant 

Recent events have me convinced that president Obama is out to destroy the political system here in America.  

What President has ever outlined how the U.S. military can be used against American citizens short of outright anarchy? Isn’t it the job of police to control rioting and outright criminal acts? Before now, if a city was having a problem the police could not handle, the mayor or other authorized city executive was supposed to request assistance from the governor of that state. It was them up to the governor to determine if the state police, national guard and or other agencies and assets would be deployed.  

Obama’s policy, with Eric Holder as Attorney General can unilaterally decide to unleash the military on American citizens for anything the Federal Government determines is justified. This policy has so much gray area, almost any reason from a city riot to a Tea Party rally all the way down to local political organizers having a BBQ at someone’s house can be squashed and people arrested and held without cause for such a time as the administration determines.  

But Kevin, you know this will never happen. Really?  

Who does this administration believe are domestic terrorist? According to Nancy Pelosi, Tea Party members are domestic terrorist. According to Dick Durbin, those in congress that democrats blamed for the October 2013 government shutdown are domestic terrorist even though the democrats actually did the shutting down. According to the DoD before finally being removed from training manuals, religious organizations are domestic terrorist. Debbie Wassermann Schultz has stated that white majority groups that claim to believe in liberty are terrorists. Then of course let’s not forget our President’s belief that the Occupy Wall Street people were faithful Americans just exercising their rights to free speech. 

Federal law enforcement agencies have almost doubled in size since Obama was sworn in as President. Since then, their budgets have exploded with the only exceptions being Border Patrol and ICE. The federal government has stockpiled more than 1 BILLION rounds of ammunition over the past couple of years and have even more still on backorder.  

Kevin, why Border Patrol and ICE? 

President Obama pushed congress hard in 2009 for comprehensive immigration reform, or what is better known as blanket amnesty and expedited pathways to citizenship. With control of both houses, many in the House and just enough in the senate refused to pass it out of fear of the American voter. The liberal, socialist, fascist, communist part of the Democrat party know if they could get enough illegals into the United States and on welfare, they would not lose power for some time until after the dollar finally crashes and those freedoms and liberties of the American populous has been limited. Despite their best efforts including the Executive Order President Obama circumventing congress and signed allowing “Dreamers” to live here legally and have all the benefits the government welfare system can bestow on them, they are still short of their goal because the private sector has refused to collapse in face of all the efforts of this administration.    

But Kevin, they didn’t break the back of the political system. 

The three greatest weapons in any liberal’s arsenal are RACISM, CLASS WARFARE & CHILDREN. How many times have we seen the race card played in the past 5 years? So much it is now being ignored by a growing number of the mainstream media. In a few cases, even moderate blacks like Stephen A. Smith is not falling for it in all instances. Class Warfare has even taken some hits in the media and even by a few moderate democrats lately because the Obama administration has been caught doing some of the same practices they claim to be fighting, paying women less, limiting the elderly of certain medical and financial assistance, paying out billions in bonuses to upper level management in spite of failures, scandals, mismanagement and the unnecessary deaths of 40 veterans because the VA thought new furniture was a higher priority than actual medical care. As for the “Dreamers”, you know it’s all about the children. They were dragged here by their parents due to no fault of their own and we have to be good stewards and care for them………. It takes a village you know (Hillary Clinton).  

So what is left? Well, no one likes to see children suffer, so now we have an unwritten open border policy for all children coming to the U.S., an estimated 180,000 for 2014-2015 alone. A whole new voting black by themselves has been created. Many close to marrying age so they will be reproducing soon, a new generation completely dependent upon government for all their needs. Doesn’t that sound like what Hitler and Stalin wanted when they rose to power? So, who are these Dreamers, these new adolescent illegals and their offspring going to vote for? The ones who keep allowing them to live here free from working while enjoying a lifestyle better than the ones they left and certainly one better than those living in poverty in the rest of the world enjoy. Most will not even try to better themselves, they are content to live as they do and will continue to vote for those who allow them to. In the meantime, the dollar will continue to get weaker because of the burden these people place on the system. And those they vote for will continue the practice of keeping themselves in power instead of correcting the system.



barb p said...

It is past time for impeachment...we can only hope enough citizen's will open
their eyes and go to the polls...get rid of the leadership that is overtaking our Nation. We are truly being destroyed from within!!

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