Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11/2001 To Now

9/11/2001 To Now
Kevin Bryant 

Why is it that a song can come close to causing a tear or two to fall? Think it has something to do with it striking a feeling inside you? I know it does and there is only one song that can do it to me, Darryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten”.  

I remember most everything associated with that day that affected me personally. I watched as the second plane flew into the tower. I remember hearing a plane went down in a Pennsylvania field and the stories of courage about the passengers as they faced their own death. I remember coming home from deployment in the Persian Gulf only to make it as far as Guam before having to turn around and go back to be the first ship to launch planes against those that would dare strike our civilian population. I remember the pilots and planes we lost. I remember the news casts as ground troops moved in while our battle group flew air cover. I remember coming back to a nation that had completely turned on itself. Politicians who voted for war now protesting against it, while pacifist were and still are trying to convince everyone that our enemy is not our enemy but just a misunderstood freedom fighter that is seeking peace the only way they know how.  

We went from a President and an administration that knew the only way to keep the fighting out of America was to remain in our enemies back yards and fight them there to a President and administration who welcomes our enemies into America with open arms and open borders. We have gone from supporting and defending our allies to funding our enemies. Our President welcomes Muslims to America knowing they will never adapt to our culture but he slams the doors to America shut when a Christian refugee of war seeks a place of safety for themselves and their family. Has anyone noticed that when Obama speaks about terrorist slaughtering Christians he is reading his speech from a teleprompter but when he speaks about embracing Muslims and speaks of Islam, he is speaking from the heart without the aid of a teleprompter?  

We have congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle that supports our imperial President’s ideas. Secretly, except to those who actually pay attention, they welcome civil unrest here in America. They want fighting in the streets. Why? Obama has already made 1/3rd of the constitution practically useless. Along with the help of Reid, McConnell, Pelosi and Boehner, he has congress in his pocket and they dare never challenge him or his imperial authority.  

We have over 45% of all Americans, which I call the mindless, useless idiots, who believe whatever Obama and Hillary tell them. To them, they are the messiahs who have come to preach the gospel. More than half of the mindless and useless 45% idiots want nothing more than to do nothing while the taxpayers of America support them. They don’t care if local or state governments have any say in what goes on inside their states. To them the federal government welfare system is all that matters. The remaining is just too blind to ever see they are working to support their own destruction.  

Civil unrest is coming and I am not talking about just Ferguson Missouri or Baltimore Maryland. It is estimated that between the various terrorist organizations as well as those here who have been converted, America has in the neighborhood of roughly 5000 terrorist living among us and more continue to come in as guest of our government or as most people call them, undocumented workers…… I still use the words Illegal Aliens.  

5000 terrorist along with government caused, government supported and government funded race riots, to use a line from the movie Ghostbusters…. “Who You Gonna Call”?   

Liberties once surrendered can almost never be recovered. The powers in Washington DC are betting they can take it in the next 4 years. Obama has already laid more than 50% of the groundwork and is still not done.  

On 9/12/2001 the country was more united than I have ever seen in my life. Since August 2008, every day I wake up sets a new record for just how divided we are now as a nation. Even during the Civil War America was more together because there were only 2 sides, not 12 or 15 as it is today. Is it by accident or by design? I say it’s by design.      

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