Monday, September 7, 2015

We Can and We Must

We Can and We Must
Kevin Bryant 

In 2004, according to the federal government, California spent more than $10 BILLION annually caring for, educating, housing and in some cases incarcerating illegal immigrants. By 2014, that number had jumped to a whopping $25 BILLION. According to ABC News in back in 2010 the tax dollars spent on illegal immigrants in the U.S. exceeded $100 BILLION annually and in 2014 exceeded $108 BILLION. 

$108 BILLION dollars annually, that is less than it would cost to build a fence along the southern border. The money spent by California alone would cover the cost deporting over 10 million people that are here illegally. The people who don’t want a secure border say we don’t have the money to build a fence or deport millions of people here illegally. They say we can’t pay for it. I say we can’t afford not to pay for it. In less than 3 years we could be saving (roughly adjusting for inflation) over $110 BILLION of our, the tax payers dollars and it’s never going to go down if things remain the same.   

Just think of what the states could do with that money. They could build and fully fund homeless shelters for our homeless mentally ill veterans as well as cover the cost of feeding, clothing and covering their medical cost. Think of all the safe shelters that could be provided to those victims of domestic abuse, but we can’t afford that. 

Then of course after you do that how about using money for upgrading teaching materials for schools, better roads, safer bridges, taking care of our own elderly and sick. All of it completely covered without having to raise taxes. In fact you could lower taxes on things like motor vehicle registrations, property taxes, local gas taxes and still have a surplus 10 years later, but they say we can’t afford that. 

The open borders crowd believe you are too dumb to know that the spent by closing the border and deporting those here illegally is offset by the savings of having to house, educate, incarcerate and care for them. Unfortunately for over 20% of Americans, they are right. They are too dumb to comprehend the concept.  

Me personally, I would like to see some of the money saved go to prosecuting and incarcerating corrupt politicians & the rioters and looters in places like Baltimore and Ferguson. How about castrations for multiple convicted sex offenders and my best use of all, give it back to the tax payers. 

Bottom line is not only can we afford to build a secure southern wall and deport the millions of illegals already here, we owe it to the generations we are stealing money from now to pay for all the reasons they are here.   

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