Friday, December 18, 2015

What We Need is a Republican Candidate that Will:

What We Need is a Republican Candidate that Will:
Al Ritter 

Respects the relationship of God in the founding of our Government

Supports marriage as the bond between a man and a woman

Has written over 80 Supreme Court briefs

Has successfully defended 9 Supreme Court Cases

Who memorized the Constitution at age 19 and actually knows what it means

Who served apprenticeship under a Supreme Court Justice

A livid supporter of the First and Second Amendment

Successfully defended a 10 Commandments case

Wants to defund, and repeal Obamacare and not merely revamp it

Voted against Amnesty

Against resettlement of Syrian refugees and authored legislation in Congress

Against World Court decisions and actually defended one case defeating George Bush who supported such legislation

Supports suspended travel from Ebola ridden countries

Against UN arms treaty

Supports rebuilding the military

Supports a Federal balanced budget amendment

Supports annual Senate Budgets (denied for 7 years)

Wants more Southern Border Patrol

Opposes raising Federal minimum wage

Supports an audit of the Federal bank

Eliminating the IRS

Supports a flat tax that everyone can do on a postcard

Opposes extending unemployment insurance

Opposes Ethanol subsidies along with wind and solar

Repeal Death and capital gains taxes

Against internet sales tax

Against net neutrality laws

Against Nation Building in the Middle East

Against Federal funding Planned Parenthood

Against third trimester abortions

Opposed to gays in the military

Wants to give Police more ability to inquire as to legal status

Opposes TSA and National Defense Authorization Act

Opposes Americans who join ISIS from coming home

No path to citizenship for 1.65 million illegals in Texas

Fiercely defends the First and Second amendment

Supports defeating undo restrictions on the second amendment



Oh Nevermind, we DO have one!

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