Friday, April 11, 2008

Are we unbiased?….Let me count the ways

On March 24, 2008 the Maryland House of Delegates (house of dem) passed a law that will allow a Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment. What, you ask is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing if the Commission is unbiased. After they conveign, the 19 member group will be asked to report on; ranked at # 4 “the risk of the innocent people being executed”, ranked at #3 “socio-economic disparities”, ranked at # 2 “jurisdictional disparities”, and the #1 Ranked question, as if you didn’t know, “racial disparities.”

This is but yet one more “stick in the eye of Marylanders”, from our dear Governor Martin O’Malley, and the two others Mike Bush and Mike Miller, otherwise known as the 3 amigos. They have adapted every controversial platform from the democratic party so far such as, illegal sanctuary status for MD, including driver’s licenses for illegals, in state tuition for illegals, same sex unions, socialized medicine, maximum increase of taxes, recinding capital punishment, hopeful passing of slots, taxing of the wealthy (unproportionate). How much more are we expected to endure? One political pundit once said, “ A politician’s legacy will be described in the terms of … long will it take to undo his/her mistakes.”

To get back to this Commission on Capital Punishment…… Unbiased would be fine, that is as long as we agreed with another 19 members on the payroll. But this commission is to be stacked with (now get this), 12 members to be appointed by the governor! This all about the governor stacking the deck to have the death penalty repealed, but you see he needs a recommendation, and I’m sure with 12 of 19 members he will once again get what he wants, regardless of national statistics from the Dept. of Justice, Gov O’Malley thinks he knows best.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any good news anywhere, anymore? Some members of our government scare
the daylights out of me. Everyday feels a step closer to a totally controlled society...