Sunday, April 6, 2008

The “Audacity of Division”

Senator Obama talks about “change” and “bringing the races together” but his agenda of division is alive and doing well. Although never actually saying what he wants to change to, or how he expects to bring the races together, he exhibits a regular need to “divide and conquer.” Obama draws his collective audience from a group that “covets” possessions of others, thereby instilling a feeling of jealousy. As an example…..he wants to raise taxes, but promises his followers that he will tax the rich more then he will the poor. This income division makes his followers feel that he’s for the “little guy” and they as a group are against the wealthy. When you really think about it this division doesn’t differ much from racism, it makes one group feel superior while making the other group they should feel guilty because they have succeeded on a monetary sense. I know much has been said about his minister Rev Wright, but this same division is visible here too. Obama’s speech about Wright was a divisive diatribe on race relations in America. The senator tried unsuccessfully to address something that as far as I am concerned wasn’t race related at all. As I see it Wright’s comments were racist, and anti American, but what really sets the stage here is HOW Obama dealt with the whole situation. The proper way that I think all Americans could accept would have been to denounce him totally, and then state that he was leaving the church. But alas that isn’t how he dealt with it did he? He decided to tell America that he couldn’t walk away from Wright anymore then he could walk away from his white grandmother. Maybe I don’t understand the radical black ministry, because as a white man in America I have never heard the kind of hateful words that Wright or Meeks have spouted, in any white church I have been in. Maybe I have a problem with ministers promoting hate of any sort, as it surely doesn’t sound very “Christian” to me. But for Obama to “throw his grandmother under the bus” as a white woman, to defend the minister Wright, who is not a family member at all shows this division I am talking about. The senator is not only asking for tolerance for his minister as a black man who has been through a lot in his life. What the senator doesn’t understand is not everyone feels the need to understand Wright, nor do they feel the need to tolerate him. The real kicker was Obama talking about his grandmother’s comments as being those of a “typical white woman.” Now how exactly am I, as a white male in America supposed to process those comments? Obama is playing off the guilt of white America to once again give black America concessions. Senator Obama needs to look at the issue through the eyes of white America for just a minute, and wonder when the guilt of the slavery idea has run it’s course, and how many more generations should pay a moral debt. As I said earlier this is a division, not a campaign to bring anyone or anything together. Misery loves company, and Obama’s campaign is based on dissatisfaction with the status quo, and he joins with others who feel the same “anger” toward society………..not exactly a healing feeling is it?

“There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the
troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.
Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they
have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs—partly because
they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want
the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
—Booker T. Washington


Anonymous said...

Senator Obama constantly espouses how it is "our time" and there will be change. His actions speak louder than words, and with his constant backing of individuals such as Reverend Wright I can't help but wonder if his "our time" speech alludes to more of his racial divisionism. I can't help but feel he doesn't mean the democrats in general or the "poor working class". It seems to ring of a much deeper racial divide that what we already deal with in this country.

Anonymous said...

You have pegged this guy 100%!