Friday, April 4, 2008

Celebrity makeover

Friday March 21, citizens were treated to the “after” version of a facial makeover from Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico. Now that Barack Obama has torched his own black heritage with the latest controversy of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist remarks, Gov Richardson appears, looking somehow more “ethnic,” sporting the result of an accidental nap under a sunlamp, and new facial hair, to lend his support to the floundering presidential campaign from a fellow Democratic ex-candidate. His before and after pictures are almost comical in their comparison. I feel as if this was a really bad reality makeover show, but we know that NOTHING in the political arena happens without a reason, and his darkened complexion and his new facial hair is no exception. Obama needs a group to replace the now waning white vote he enjoyed for so long but recently abused. The Hispanic vote is not such a far stretch to assume, especially since the democratic stance is so supportive of the illegal alien issue, as is Richardson’s. Now Senator Obama sees fit to play musical chairs with voting ethnic groups because he has alienated himself to the latest group and merely needs a replacement.

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Anonymous said...

I remember thinking when they first showed Richardson that he certainly didn't look Hispanic...well that sured changed!!