Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jesus save me from my friends

On the heels of yet ANOTHER statement from Barack Obama about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, when he threw his ex-pastor under the bus, saying that Rev Wright wasn’t the same man he knew 20 years ago. Obama has now lauded the Pastor to receive the heir apparent “senior pastor” title to the Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Otis Moss III, son of an “advisor” to Martin Luther King. Barack has admitted to the news media that his association To Rev Wright as being a real “Presidential issue,” and up for debate, and yet his endorsement for Otis Moss III has been…. “While slamming Wright this week, Obama told the New York Times he will continue his membership in Trinity. He referred to Moss as "wonderful." "Well, you know, the new pastor – the young pastor, Rev. Otis Moss, is a wonderful young pastor. And as I said, I still very much value the Trinity community."
When interviewed, Moss refused to discount the past senior pastor Wright’s views on AIDS and HIV, and actually reinforced them. The 37 yr old pastor has had sermons entitled “ Don’t let the enemy tell you how to act,” and “Being Black- a skin disease.”

Barack Obama can’t say he hasn’t heard this pastor’s sermons, and yet the new pastor re-enforces the past sentiments of Rev. Wright, as being the oppressed race. Senator Obama has based his Presidential race as being that of bringing the races together, and yet almost all the people that surround him support the idea of not only segregation, but militant black victimization of apartheid.

I take exception to this idea, although the more militant black churches blame white America for their troubles because of the slavery issue, white America understands the history, but yet America has put into place “affirmative action” way before Africa ever made a political stand one way or the other against apartheid. The beginnings of our stand against slavery, and the support of equality started in 1865, although the institutions of law weren’t really realized until the 1960’s it was decades before African nations started their stand on apartheid. America in general can only apologize so many times for slavery, when will “Black America” accept the responsibility for the past 50 years of failure for their own children? Koreans, Vietnamese, and most all legal immigrants have succeeded in spite of their adversities, in far less time……….why not Black America?

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Guess this will not just "go away" is very scary to me..