Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

I sit here reading about children whom actually brazenly beat teachers in their classrooms and principals whom turn a deaf ear. I read about a homeless woman that boards a bus with her boyfriend, and the only crime they did was sit down in a seat in front of a bunch of middle school children, the children not only taunted her and the boyfriend, but beat her almost to death, in a fight that spilled out onto the street. I read about a police officer that was in the midst of filing a lawsuit against the City of Baltimore, and only to find out later that they intended to blackmail him into dropping the case by threatening to charge him with a fraudulent rape. I read about a Governor of Maryland who has a grudge against the Maryland Superintendent of Schools because she made him look the fool on a subject that only served the best interests of the children, and after an announcement that she was one of the top 3 in the nation, he stopped all legal ranglings to have her publicly tarred, feathered, and fired. I read about meter maids who issue parking tickets to people whose cars are in two places at once, or people who don’t even live in the state any longer. I read about a local politician whose ticket for failure to obey a police officer because they told her she couldn’t turn there, mysteriously disappeared, while everybody else’s ticket stood. I read about a senator who has served in that position for 21 years, who thinks that “pork barrel” money is just some magical well that she may dip into at anytime to fund a project that she personally thinks worthy, not once considering that the money she is using comes from taxes. I read about police officers and firemen who go without raises while the Governor of MD. Forms a committee on “Global Warming,” when he can’t so much as stop the pollution emitted from the Jones Falls into the Chesapeake Bay. I read about how the Governor of MD. Decries about a “structural deficit” of 1.7 billion dollars and hopes that the citizens don’t figure out the true meaning of the term has to do with finding money for plans HE intends to institute. I read about how Constellation Energy exports almost 100% of the electric output from the nuclear power plant at Calvert Cliffs, out of state because the markets are more “lucrative there,” sticking us with the higher priced coal burning plants for our in state energy needs. I read about how the increase in state sales tax to 6% in MD has basically signed a death warrant to any retailer that borders Delaware whose tax is 0%. I read about how government high tech jobs are coming to the state and we have to build more infrastructure, and yet people are leaving our state in record numbers, which rival the new numbers that are coming. I read about taxes that only affect certain groups, the latest being a tax on the highest wage earners, tobacco smokers, and then there is always the Lottery, but I digress! Once we tax only certain groups we practice a division of sorts, our politicians signaling it’s OK to dislike these people because they aren’t “like us.”

I write these things down because as just one article in the paper, it doesn’t have much of an impact. Here and right now you have read all these things together, doesn’t this infuriate you? How in the hell did we get here? The erosion of the family unit?…yes. The egotistical elitist politician?…..yes. The abuse of power?….yes. The audacity to think that the politicians “know what is best for you?”……yes. The lack of accepting responsibility?………yes. ……….

I ask you now…..just what are you going to DO about it? November is quickly approaching

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Anonymous said...

VERY WELL said Al, as always...thank you.