Monday, June 16, 2008

Experience vs. Judgment

I can remember when I was a kid, and applying for a job, and the store owner asked me what experience I had. I can remember being infuriated and thought the same thing every student thinks at one time or another. “How can I get experience when nobody will hire me?”

I can relate that experience to tie into the presidential campaign. Does John McCain have experience to be the president? McCain has the experience of being a POW in the Viet Nam Era, he has experience of being a pilot, he has long running experience of being a US Senator…..does he have experience to be president?…….of course not. Does Obama have experience to be president? Obama has experience of being an attorney, Obama has experience of being a state senator. Obama has experience working with local groups to help socioal programs of his community. …….does he have experience to be president?….of course not.

How can anyone express experience in a job they have never had? I’m sure if you ask all the past presidents, they would tell you the job they had was nothing like any job they ever had before, and if they were honest about the answer, they would admit they weren’t prepared at first to do that job.

If you don’t have experience, what is the next best thing to lead? Judgment is the single best thing that can prepare you to lead. Making good decisions, and admitting you need help in making those decisions is the sign for a good leader. One who surrounds himself with sound advice to inform him on issues that he has no prior experience is the mark of one who uses good judgment.

On the other hand, one who claims to have the answers to every question, claims to need no help, is the mark of a truly foolish person. One who claims to be the new messiah is nothing more then a true Narcissist.


Anonymous said...

Boy is this true!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure makes you wonder about his "judgement" of surrounding himself with all the ministers and shady business partners