Friday, February 12, 2010

Systemic Failure

Systemic Failure
Kevin Bryant

Why is it that the Obama administration uses the same phrase over and over and over and over………

The latest one lately has been the term “systemic failure”. Personally I am surprised that it took them almost a whole year to start using it. This administration has been a systemic failure from the start:

Closing Gitmo: In Obama’s first few days in office, he signs an Executive Order to close the prison at Gitmo without having discussed it with his military advisors like he stated that he would do when he was candidate Obama. Here we are almost 13 months later and almost a month after the prison was to be closed and he still has no idea what he is going to do with the prisoners.

Stimulus: America is in the worst recession since the Great Depression. If we do not pass this stimulus package, our experts say the unemployment rate could reach 9% and maybe 10%. It is imperative that we pass it now to keep the unemployment rate below 8%. So, how is that stimulus thing working out? 7 Million unemployed, about the same amount underemployed and if it weren’t for all the temps the government is now hiring, the unemployment figures would still be over 10%. In real numbers, we have an unemployment rate of around 17% but thanks to Clinton Math, the numbers no longer reflect what is real. I sure would like to meet those so-called economic experts and inform them that a Jr High School student could have done a better at doing their job than they did.

Fort Hood: Rat out your neighbors to the White House, but whatever you do, if you see a Muslim behaving strangely, do not tell a soul. If someone tells you of a Muslim acting or talking strange, keep it to yourself because you wouldn’t want to offend them. Tell that to the families of those killed or injured when Major Hasan went off the deep end at Fort Hood Texas.

World Stage: “I will restore America’s image throughout the world”. As if Bush destroyed it. I am not a big fan of George W. Bush, but when it came to the way we are viewed throughout the world, America was held in much higher regards than what we are now. You know it’s bad when China is preaching to you about curbing spending and there are more jokes being told about America than there are about France. Would someone please tell me of anytime in the history of the planet when a leader of any nation bowed to one of its mayors or someone in a similar position? Congrats Obama, you made history. Gee, I thought being President was a higher pay grade than being the mayor of Tampa.

This list could go on and on about the string of systemic failures that have occurred during this administration. We could include Healthcare, Cap & trade, The outrageous usage of Air Force assets by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her family and friends, including the booze tab she has ran up. How about ignoring a request from top military general on the battlefield for more multiple months then after finally reading it, take another 3 months before acting on it.

Then we have Eric Holder, Lead Counsel for all Foreign Terrorist as well as being Attorney General of the United States. Give a would be bomber Miranda rights to the Christmas day bomber before any trained interrogator shows up on the scene and declare that we got all the information possible from him in a matter of 50 minutes. Decide to hold KSM’s trial in New York City at a price tag close to a billion dollars. A .38 round will cost you roughly $0.45 and is a lot more effective.

Look around, everything is a systemic failure. What Obama does not recognize is that he is the head of that system. Every one of these failures begins and ends with the President of the United States. Barack Obama, look in the mirror and there you will find the system. You are the system. You are the one who is supposed to make it work and accept responsibility for when it doesn’t.

When you are system and the system fails, guess what….you failed. Barack Obama, stop being a systemic failure at being the President and failing those you were elected to serve.


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