Monday, March 8, 2010

Heil Ritter

Heil Ritter
Kevin Bryant

This morning after waking up, I faced the dreaded choice. Monday’s and Thursday’s, all good Conservative Nazis must wear their Brown Shirt Uniforms and on Tuesday’s and Friday’s we all must don the Black SS Uniform. I don’t like this idea of Wednesday’s being choice day stuff. I sure wish Al “Der Fuhrer” Ritter would make up his mind so that I would not have to think for myself. Seriously, how am I supposed to cope in life if the government allows me to make a choice on my own? So much pressure.

Sorry Al, I was just having a little fun at your expense. To everyone else, if you were offended by the title or the opening paragraph, well, you should be. Conservatives have been called Nazis, Fascist, NeoCons and a host of other things for more than a decade now by people on the left. Either those using these terms are too dumb to know what those terms mean or they do know what they mean and think these words are going to scare people into believing that they should be very afraid of us.

Fascists believe in government control of private property and business. I don’t remember any conservative or any republican for that matter calling for the government to seize control of General Motors or Chrysler. I remember certain republicans calling for bank bailouts but I don’t remember any conservatives calling out for bailouts. I can’t recall conservative judges ruling in favor of government or big business in eminent domain cases or letting murders and child rapist walk free or just giving then probation.

Hitler and his fascist extremist took control of government from within, using blackmail and brute force. They were elected to office by promoting themselves as saviors of the people against an evil government. They promised prosperity and good fortunes for the country and the people of Germany. They vilified those that dare speak out against them and painted those that opposed their agenda as the spawn of decades of government corruption. Once they had finally placed Hitler into the position of Chancellor, he in turn appointed individuals to key positions who supported him and his agenda.

The Nazi Party then strong armed their way around the laws of Germany, forced many to resign their offices, and again appointing party members to those positions. Not finished with their takeover of government quite yet, they made up new positions high up in the government and again appointing those loyal to the party and to Hitler. Technically, most of the fascist takeover of Germany was done legally. Once they had gained enough power, they went after Jews and Jewish sympathizers and confiscated their property, their businesses and eventually took the lives of over 6 million Jews.

Does any of this sound familiar to current day events here in the United States? Granted, the government has yet to kill its own citizens, but again, go back and use the Government takeover of GM and Chrysler as one example. The so called Car Czar, through his wife, had access to the names of all major donors to the RNC and the McCain campaign. When the Car Czar decided to close over 1200 dealerships, not all but a very uneven proportion of those dealerships that were closed down had made political donations to the RNC and/or the McCain campaign. Many of those dealers owned only one dealership and the government took away their source of income.

Our founding fathers were afraid of a centralized government. History had shown them what could happen if power was concentrated in one place and how corrupt it could become. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Castro, all modern day examples of how a government can be taken over at the expense of the people they represent.

Conservatives believe in smaller government, states rights, limited federal powers, individual freedoms, property rights, capitalism and the free market system, yet the left wants to paint us as being the second coming of Hitler himself. These are the same people who believe that it is possible to bring about a socialist utopia where everyone is equal and one all powerful government can and will bring forth happiness and prosperity for all.

Their idea of a socialist utopia didn’t work out so well for the people of Italy or 6 million dead Jews or 60 million dead Chinese. What makes people think the atrocities of Germany, China, Russia and other places can’t happen here? The foundation has already been laid for it to happen. It started with President Wilson and has been added on by every President to follow except Kennedy who kept the status quo and did not expand on it and Reagan who actually retracted it by about 10 years.

Only in America could someone attempt to link the likes of Washington, Madison & Jefferson with the likes of Mao, Mussolini & Stalin. Now ask yourself, which of the following groups are more like Hitler and the Nazi Party: 1.) Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Jim DeMint & John Thune or 2.) Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Krugman, Harry Reid & Barack Obama. Tough choice isn’t it.


Lance M Hillier Sr said...

Excellent, Kevin, and lest we forget about HItler and his 6 million Jews, he had already eliminated 6 Million dissident, Catholic, Lutheran, homosexual, mentally retarded, gypsy Germans first... Most of them were shot or hung, and it made such a drag on the German economy, that Goebbels and company were urged to find a less expensive method for the 'Final Solution' for the Jews. Thus, the gas chambers and crematoriums for those they couldn't work to death through slave labor.

Rosemary Welch said...

You had me scared for a moment. I saw this on FB, and I had to check it out to make sure I did not have a nut on my hands! That said, great post. Many ppl will forget what happened in the decades leading up to WWII. They certainly won't learn it in school these days...*sigh* Have a great day.

republican patriot said...

Imagine how I felt Rosemary!

Kevin said...

LOL Rosemary. I do have three kids that think I am a nutjob from time to time. You have a great day as well and thank you for the comment.