Monday, March 1, 2010

I Voted for ______ Because

I Voted for ______ Because
Kevin Bryant

Why do you vote? Might it be that someone once told you that it is your patriotic duty? Is it that you believe that only those that do vote have the right to complain? Does it make you feel empowered somehow?

Those of you who do not vote, why do you not vote? Do you feel that no one is listening? Do you think your one little vote won’t matter? Do you feel that there aren’t any politicians worth voting for? Are you just too lazy to take the time out of your day’s schedule to do it?

Those who do vote, why did you vote the way you did? Was it the politician’s charisma? Was it their policies? Did you like dislike the other choices more?

I probably have read more than 60 articles and unscientific polls in the past couple of days and here are the top 10 reasons given in reverse order of why people voted for Obama in the last election:

10.) Thought it would be funny.
9.) I don’t want to be seen / labeled as a racist.
8.) Obama’s policies.
7.) Will never vote for a republican.
6.) McCain is a war monger
5.) Barack Obama is going to change the world.
4.) Because he is black.
3.) Sarah Palin is too dumb to vote for.
2.) Obama’s charisma.

And the number one reason was……… Don’t like George Bush

Here are the top 5 reasons why people voted for John McCain in the last election

10.) Cindy McCain would make a better First Lady
9.) The economy / jobs
8.) Will never vote for a democrat
7.) More experience / qualified
6.) Would make a better Commander – in – Chief.
5.) Joe the plumber
4.) Lesser of two evils
3.) National security
2.) Sarah Palin
1.) Service To His Country / War hero

As I look at both of the list of reason why people voted the way they did, it frightens the hell out of me knowing that there are people out there that would vote the way dthey did for the reasons they gave. Some of these reasons are stupid reasons but I understand them, such as never vote for a republican or democrat or Cindy McCain a better First Lady. What scares me is the “thought it would be funny”, “Joe the plumber”, “Barack is going to change the world” type votes. When did these become reasons to vote for or against someone? Look at how many of these responses have nothing to do with policy or even ability to do the job.

Bill Maher and Janeane Garofalo claim that conservatives are the stupid ones who are ruining this country. Based on the reasons for voting, I would say both sides have stupid people in them but there seems to be more stupid people who voted for Obama and they did it for more stupid reasons.

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barb p said...

It looks like the outcome reflects the main reason Obama got in there...see last line!