Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Forward In Reverse

Going Forward In Reverse
Kevin Bryant

I have heard many times that the federal government is operating like a runaway freight train. This could not be further from the truth. A freight train runs on a specific path and if it jumps the tracks, it comes to a crashing halt.

To me, the government is operating more like the world’s largest bulldozer, heading down hill towards a cliff with a spoiled, destructive little 4 year old at the controls who thinks this is only a video game and not real. The government is going down paths that do not exist in this country and will soon crash into an unexplored abyss.

To know where you are going, you much first know where you are and how you got there. This country was founded by people who knew they were coming here and why. They formed a government that had never been tried anywhere before but they knew enough to know that the old ways would not get them the government they wanted.

First they tried the Articles of Confederation but what they got was almost complete anarchy. Having the good sense to know when to give up and declare the Articles of Confederation a lost cause, they go back and examine what worked and what failed. Putting this knowledge to use, they come up with the Constitution of the United States and it has worked well for more than 200 years.

The current administration has not once looked towards the constitution or history for guidance. They are literally flying by the seat of their pants being guided only by ideology. This is the same ideology that has been tried and failed every time it has been implemented. One definition of stupidity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

Harvard has a reputation of having educated and graduated some of the greatest minds this world has seen in recent history. By recent I mean that past 150 or so years. President Obama is a product of this very distinguished institution. It is a shame that someone with a Harvard education and is supposed to be brilliant according to his peers does not have the good sense to following the example set forth by his predecessors and study the results of the past and use them for guidance when moving forward.

Ideology has blinded this president from seeing that every decision he has made has been tried and failed at some point in history. Arrogance keeps him from seeing the destruction he is doing to the country he swore an oath to. Or has it?

This man was brought by Marxist parents and grandparents. This is a man who sought out Marxist progressives to associate with during his college days. This man gets his spiritual advice from self-declared Marxist. This man has filled his administration with Marxist, Communist, Tax Cheats and Felons. This man was educated by some of the finest professors to found in an institution that has prides itself on quality education. I have said before, this man is stupid but he most certainly isn’t dumb. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve and he knows that he only has a limited amount of time to achieve it and whatever it is, it can’t be good.

So what do conservatives need to do to stop it? One way is to not only look to the past for guidance by actually move the country backwards like Ronald Reagan did but this time include strengthening the laws and the Constitution so that it can never again be moved this far left of center. To get this country moving forward, as a nation, we will have to go in reverse to get there. Undo almost all that the previous administrations have done. End bailouts, defund healthcare and eventually repeal it, reverse the tax increases, eliminate targeted tax increases, fully commit to and fund the war or bring the troops home, put the national guard on the boarders and secure them once and for all, drug screen welfare recipients and cut their welfare if they fail, cut the number of government departments and total employees by 50%, cut federal spending by 60%. Give real tax breaks to small businesses. This list could go on for forever. I know not all of these will ever come to pass, but if we never get anyone elected to office that is willing to try, then we will never again have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

How do we do this? Look for candidates in all upcoming elections that believe in preserving the Constitution and our way of life as the founder’s intended. Find a candidate that believe in smaller and less intrusive government and will listen to those who got them elected to office. Candidates willing to support capitalism yet do not think any company is too big to fail. When we find the right candidate, volunteer our time to support their election. Display their posters in our yards and don’t worry about it if the neighbors are liberals and believe differently than we do. Come November we need every vote because every vote actually will matter. Encourage your neighbors and your friends to vote. Drive them to the polls if you have to. The 2010 November general election is the most important election you and I will participate in since we were born. This general election and the next 2 are not about just who we elect to office but they are also about who we are as individuals and who we are as a nation.

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