Friday, April 30, 2010

If You Don’t Like It

If You Don’t Like It
Kevin Bryant

Went to Walmart yesterday and picked up a CD of an old 80’s band and was listening to it on the way to work this morning. The title to one of the songs was “If You Don’t Like It. Back when it first came out, I never really paid attention to the lyrics much but this morning for some reason I did. The song actually reminded me of our “illustrious” (meant sarcastically) President.

Every President from Washington George W. Bush has done things that were unpopular with the majority of Americans but President Obama makes a habit of it. I dare anyone to list a simple three things/actions he has taken since taking office that a majority of Americans have supported. His mindset is that of “If you don’t like it, I don’t care”.

He really doesn’t care. During his last State of the Union address, he said that JOBS would be his number one priority. The only effort he has put into it was to let Pelosi and Reid craft another $15 Billion dollar payout that benefits primarily unions. All he had to do was send Biden out to promote it and he signed it. That really wasn’t much of an effort. But then again, it was exactly what we have come to expect from this President.

Gitmo, the majority wanted it left alone. The stimulus, a majority wanted the companies to go ahead and fail. GM & Chrysler, the majority wanted the government to keep their paws out of them. Jobs Bill (Stimulus II) the majority wanted it dead on arrival on the senate floor. Healthcare, the majority wanted the version that passed dead on arrival. Immigration reform, the majority just want the current laws enforced. Is there anyone besides me that sees a pattern of “I don’t care what you think” going on here?

What is Obama up to now? Something like 175 broken campaign promises? Is there anyone out there that really believes that he cares or worries about keeping promises, except those he has made to the unions and the leftist thugs that he serves whenever they pull his strings?

In the bible is tells us to pray for our leaders. Sorry, I just can’t do it for this President. He doesn’t care about the country, the constitution or the people. I care absolutely nothing for the man. An entire nation mourned the day JFK was shot. If Obama was ever to meet the same demise, I’d probably go out and get drunk celebrating. My order of importance; God, Family, Country, Self. He ain’t God but he thinks he’s every bit as perfect as God. He ain’t family and if he was, he would have been disowned a long time ago. He certainly doesn’t care about the country because if he did, he would stop trying to undo everything that made this country the greatest nation of earth. As for the self part, he most certainly doesn’t give a damn about me so I really don’t give a damn about him. In fact, if I were a member of congress, at the beginning of every day I would introduce legislation to formally charge him with treason.

Mr. President, so long as the constitution exists, I will continue to exercise my first amendment rights and guess what? If You Don’t Like It – I Don’t Care.


Grant B said...

I like it!!!!!!!!!! Way to go good buddy.

Q.D. Thompson said...

WOW!! - A wonderful powerful statement with which I completely agree.

barb p said...

This is too sad....