Friday, May 21, 2010

Cloning Europe

Cloning Europe
Kevin Bryant

I have been experiencing a case of writer’s block like I have never experienced before. As I sit here I have no idea what to write. I know what I want to say but don’t know how to get the words on the screen to align themselves with my own personal thoughts.

Elena Kagen, President Obama’s choice to replace Justice Stevens. She has never been a judge and hardly a lawyer at all. I probably have more experience outside of college campuses in dealing with legal issues than she has. Even the press is hard pressed to find any accomplishments in her past that they can justify their own praise of why she would make a great choice for the Supreme Court. An accomplished poker player and a softball enthusiast is all they can come up with. That doesn’t even equal Sonia Sotomayor’s “compelling life story” that we all had to listen to and endure for a solid month.

To Obama, this is just another appointment he gets to make that will aid him in his bid to transform America into the fascist nation he thinks we should be.

Another push for is the American Power Act, or known to many as Cap & Trade. Fascists believe in maximum government control of private industry. If this act passes the house and senate, this act will place American government could almost equal to that of 1930’s Nazi Germany. Couple this with the Financial Regulatory Act currently making its rounds though congress, the value added tax that is being considered and the healthcare bill that recently passed and you have not a free America but a full blown Socialist America that is further left than any European Nation of the past 60 years.

The addition of Kagen to the Supreme Court will ensure 4 solid votes that all these acts are within the powers of the federal government. It also will give the federal government 4 solid votes to declare the internet a public utility thereby allowing government to control access and content of the internet. In Obama’s own words, the information being disseminated over the internet such as this website is a distraction and not good for America.

America is the last place on earth that people can come to enjoy freedoms anywhere close to what we have enjoyed during our lifetime. If 2 or more of these acts become law, then we are no longer will be a free and independent nation but just another country who’s population isn’t living but just existing. If this happens, I would rather live in Israel and die defending a nation from conquest of outside forces rather than die surrendering my freedoms to my own country.


Michael Lantz said...

That is why we need to make our voices heard.I hope there is a change in November.I believe that we need to support any candidate that is very conservative.We need to take back this country from the Liberal Democrats and the RINO's

barb p said...

Things like this almost make me appreciate my 'lack of political knowledge'. You men bring so much to light for me, you decipher for me and many who need that 'direction'. When I read your articles, I know I am reading the facts, not just an opinion. Thanks...