Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of course the Administration is prejudiced!

Of course the Administration is prejudiced!
Al Ritter

Last week we saw Eric Holder being questioned about Arizona Law sb1070, and he admitted he hadn’t read it, but that didn’t stop him from forming an opinion and commenting on it. With that being said, wouldn’t you think that any other member of the cabinet would take the time to read the bill before being caught with their collective pants down again?

Yesterday DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was commenting on the bill to Sen. John McCain, when she admitted that SHE hadn’t read the bill either, but like Attorney General Eric Holder, she too had a formulated an opinion without knowing the facts.

This exhibits a very troubling history for the Administration in Washington, they are prejudiced plain and simple. If we look at the word prejudice we see that it is a “premature judgment based on bias.” The history of the last 18 months of this Administration has been one of prejudice.

President Obama commented on the Professor Gates issue with clear and intentional prejudice. Obama has clearly misrepresented the Arizona Law in his personal comments, and now he is being followed by two of his employees making equally offensive and prejudicial statements.

If Napolitano and Holder are having problems finding the actual wording of Arizona’s law SB 1070 here it is guys, read it, and try to understand it. Arizona Law SB 1070


Kevin Bryant said...

I'd also like to add that neither him or a ranking member of his cabinet went to Arkansas nor Kentucky in January of 09 when they experienced the worst ice storm in more than 90 years and people were without power for up to a month is some areas. Kentucky & Arkansas were states that went for McCain in the 08 election.

Likewise, neither he not a ranking member of his cabinet have bothered to visit or even comment on the devastating flooding that occurred recently in Nashville, Tn. Another state that went for McCain in 2008.

barb p said...

OMG, and they have no reservations in admitting having not read this? Disbelief...amazing.