Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Higher Authority

Higher Authority
Kevin Bryant

In the military, it does not matter who you are or what your rank is, you have a higher authority that you receive orders from and you must answer to. The federal and state constitutions were written in such a manner that each of our elected officials no matter at what office they may hold must also answer to a higher authority, the voters.

Over the past 90 plus years, many of those elected to serve at the federal level as well as those appointed to serve at the federal level have forgotten that they serve and answer to the voters of this nation. At the same time, the voters have been growing more reluctant to hold these individuals accountable for the actions. There are a few noted exceptions; the people wanted Richard Nixon impeached and the result was that he resigned from office. Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford and as a result, lost his election bid and Jimmy Carter became President.

In Arkansas, Bill Clinton was elected Governor of the state. His midnight deal to raise taxes on motor vehicles licenses cost him his reelection bid. He did get reelected two years later after swearing to the voters that he learned his lesson. As President, Bill Clinton again forgot that he was accountable to the voters and during the first two years of his presidency he governed from the far left. As a result of his thinking he was above being accountable, America saw the biggest swing of power in one election year than had ever been witnessed before or since. Democrats had lost not only the majority of the senate which they had enjoyed for several years but also lost the majority in the house, an institution that they held majority in for over 40 consecutive years.

Bill Clinton broke a few campaign pledges and he did lie to the American people about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but unlike President Obama, I do not believe he intentionally lied to the American people during the campaign and I do not think he intentionally broke his campaign pledges. I do believe that candidate Obama intentionally mislead the people and had no intention of keeping any campaign pledge he may have made except that of spreading (stealing) the wealth and fundamentally transforming the United States.

President Obama, unlike that of Bill Clinton, has no concept of accountability to the voters of the United States. He gives every indication that he is above the masses in the same manner such as that of Joseph Stalin & Adolph Hitler. This is why I believe that he will be a one term president. That being said, this is not all good news for conservatives.

The Clintons are smart. Obama may have more appeal and charm than that of the Clintons, but I don’t think he has the ability of beating the Clinton Political machine one more time. Therefore I believe that if his approval rating dips below 40 and I think it will by tax time next year, he will again face Hillary for the nomination. Only this time I think he will lose.

Why is this not good news for conservatives? I wish I had started keeping the things I wrote a lot sooner than I did. Back during the 08 general election campaign, I wrote an article stating that if John McCain were serious about winning the election in November of that year, he should choose Hillary as his running mate. Many who read that piece thought I was nuts and was thinking too far outside the box. To this day, I still stand by my opinion that he should have offered her the position instead of Sarah Palin. Not because I dislike Mrs. Palin, I like her a lot., but because it made more political sense. The old adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend would have served America’s interest a lot better than an Obama presidency.

Hillary is still a darling in the democratic circles. She has overtaken Obama overseas as being more popular. With Obama’s track record being what it is, she is now more popular than Obama in moderate democrat and independent circles and the press continues to love her. If she were to win the democratic nomination in 2012, she would be tougher to defeat than Obama in the general election in my opinion. Her biggest advantage she has over Obama, as President, she would know who she is accountable to after having seen her husband forget and serving in an administration who doesn’t care to acknowledge that they are accountable to anyone. She is capable of swinging enough independent voters her way that the thought of Hillary as the 45th President of the United States is not out of the question at all.

Yep, the 2010 and 2012 elections are going to be very interesting indeed.

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cary said...

I highly doubt Hillary will run for President again, to begin with the DNC would push Obama down our throats in the primary, and besides he has whipped her into submission for sure as secretary of state, have you really looked at her lately? She looks like she has aged 30 years in 18 months.