Friday, September 3, 2010

Is Gov. O’Malley Cooking the Books?

Is Gov. O’Malley Cooking the Books?
Al Ritter

It was just a few short weeks ago that the Maryland legislature and the Governor were involved in some serious hand wringing over the legislature mandate of a balanced budget, and the inability to do so.

The federal government grant called “Race to the Top” seems to have cured all the spending woes of the O’Malley Administration. The curious timing involved in the administration’s claim of now having a $300 million surplus, just happens to tie nicely into the announcement only a week ago of the education grant award of $430 million.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that the grant was tossed into the Education Budget, and now Martin is raiding the education cookie jar to make his spending appear in control.

Unable to control his spending habits, O’Malley has started buying property again, this time 430 acres of prime waterfront acreage on the bay. This Administration is totally unable to curb his spending habits, and property purchases while the value of property is down may be the hedge against inflation O’Malley is counting on.

Eminent domain is widely known as a way the government may acquire property for “economic development.” It’s one thing to basically steal property from individuals in the government name, but very easy for the government to purchase the property cheaply then turn it over for private development later, thus taking a huge windfall profit to fund more social programs, and the O’Malley Administration has purchased more property than any other governor in the past.

It’s time that the people from Maryland wake up and smell the corruption and greed before the debt gets so deep nobody can dig us out! He's laughing at you Maryland.....not with you!


kevin b said...

He ain't just cooking them, he's deep frying them

barb p said...

That is more than 'horrible'......

barb p said...

And this government is called 'democratic'...what a joke!!!