Friday, September 17, 2010

Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser
Al Ritter

This picture illustrates the mind- set of the O’Malley Administration. Once the massive tax increases were handed down 4 years ago, they took you on a roller coaster ride to the top. Once there they ran you through a series of turns and twists to make you believe everything was alright. In reality things aren’t alright, businesses are leaving Maryland at an alarming rate, and the unemployment figures continue to climb.

The Governor can’t even adhere to a legislature requirement of a balanced budget without help from his buddy Barack Obama. This is why I call the O’Malley term the “mind eraser.” He expects to run you to the top of the rail again for a slippery ride down, while hoping you won’t remember what he’s done to your beautiful state.

Runaway spending, sacrificing social program stupidity for primary essential services, aka police, fire, and ambulance services, are all part of the mindset of the progressive liberal. This state has to change before it’s way too late. Every day I uncover more and more, and from being involved in a political campaign first hand, I am appalled at the dirty tricks and games both parties play.

In this game of Maryland politics the participants eat their own, and neither side takes prisoners, they destroy them! I think that unless you have name recognition, or run your own program and don’t rely on the party for help, they will eat you alive in Maryland.


barb p said...

And where is there a 'just' political arena. This whole country is sinking...

cary from catonsville said...

Martin O'malley has increased state debt, lost 3000 businesses, doubled unemployment, and chased millionaires from the state, what more can we expect from a progressive liberal?