Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Voters Feel Disconnected

Why Voters Feel Disconnected
Al Ritter

The president has taken to his bully pulpit this week to somehow repackage the same old stuff and to try to sell it as a new and an improved product. Americans aren’t stupid and the refuse to be talked down to as children, Al Gore made the same mistakes and we see where it got him.

Student loans won’t help parents when one bread winner has lost their job. Special loan rates on homes or refinancing won’t help if the family is in financial peril and can’t even make one payment. Can a small business benefit from bank loans to buy new equipment or machinery if they don’t have the customer base on which to grow? Can America benefit from being forced to go green in a staggering economy? Can America even survive the future debt this administration is saddling her with? Stimulus plans are foolish, they only offer a temporary fix for long term problems. Government jobs are NOT jobs in the best interest of the country, there are only so many holes to be dug then filled back in. Let’s stop this madness and return to some degree of sanity and common sense.

Let’s build the private sector jobs and stop creating rules and laws that treat capitalism as the resident evil. The industrial revolution was the greatest time of personal growth in America, let’s study the history of the atmosphere that surrounded that point in time and recreate a real recovery.

We aren’t looking for extenders to patch the inevitable we, need long term fixes. Let’s try for a change to fix the #1 problem in America…JOBS!

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barb p said...

Amen Al....