Friday, December 10, 2010

I Need Some Opinions

I'd like to introduce you to a new writer, this article bristled my feathers, but Louis wants to know your opinions...............

Louis Lazarus

Personally I am sick to death of arguing about everything with liberals. No matter what the issue, they take the complete opposite stand and sometimes I do believe it is only for spite. My sense is that a lot of us feel the same way. Life would be great if it wasn't for these idiot Democrats and their even more idiotic ideas. The question then becomes is there something we're overlooking so that conservatives and liberals can get along OR is it a case of oil and water where the two cannot possibly mix?

My contention is we will never get along with them because we don't think like them and they will never get along with us because they don't think. The next question is what would it be worth to us to live life without ever having to deal with liberals and their stupid ideas? What would we be willing to do if we never had to deal with such silly things as spread the wealth around, gay marriage, tax the rich, crazy environmentalists, giving free college to children of illegal aliens and the gobs and gobs of other stuff that just drives us nuts? Can we picture life without all this nonsense?

It occurred to me that maybe we should split up the country into two separate countries. We could divide the country in half by North and South, or East and West or even on the diagonal. The state boundaries would remain in tact.
One side would become The Liberal United States of America and the other side would be The Conservative United States of America. Each side would be it's own country and would have the same Constitution as we have now. Each side would start out with what is provided for in our Constitution but the liberal side would be free to modify and change whatever they wanted and however they wanted. The Conservative side would follow the Constitution the way it is now. Both sides would start as equitably as humanly possible.

Of course this wouldn't be an easy thing to do and the first reaction would be to wonder "what if I'm a conservative and where I live is part of The Liberal United States of America"? The quick answer is that nobody would be forced to move. The only downside is your life would pretty much continue the way it is now. Liberals would still run your life and you will still continue to be driven crazy by their ridiculousness. However, if you decided to move to The Conservative United States of America, you would be welcomed into your new home and everything that could possibly be done to help you would be done. Once you relocated, your life would be as you always imagined it. For example, both sides could share a shuttle service that would transport conservatives to the conservative side and then liberals to the liberal side. Both sides could share the expense and that would be a way for both sides to work together toward a common goal. There could be “pick up” and “drop off” points and once the people reached these points, the rest of the trip would be free. Both sides would equally benefit because they would be getting the type of people they prefer. Liberals would also be free to have a shuttle service on the Mexican border. My sense is the would want that region as part of their country. In all probability, The Liberal United States would include all the states that border Mexico so my state of California would be included. That would mean I would have to move if I wanted to live in The Conservative United States. Personally, I would do that in a heartbeat just to have the opportunity never to watch Alan Colmes, Ellis Hennigan, Bob Beckel, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi et al ever again on any TV news show. The idea that I wouldn’t have to imagine Nancy Pelosi jumping over any fences or parachuting into my country would offset whatever inconvenience there would be in relocating. And, that’s just for starters. Imagine everything else you would no longer have to put up with.

Things would make sense in our country. Criminals would go to jail and stay there. Illegal aliens would be sent to The Liberal United States of America where they would be welcomed. There would be a flat and fair tax and you would never be punished for your success. Gay marriage wouldn't even be an issue at all because it's just too stupid for words. However, domestic partnerships would be allowed and those people would of course be welcome. We would have a military and they wouldn't because they hate guns and violence. We would get all the guns. They would get no guns at all and they wouldn’t have a military, which would give them a fiscal advantage. However, should any country decide to invade our friends and neighbors in The Liberal United States of America they would suffer severely? We would give the world fair notice of what we were doing and in the event any country attacked or invaded any part of the two nations of The United States (sounds a bit crazy, but hang in there…it will make sense) The Conservative United States would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons without warning. We would also make it clear that a mistake could be made and we just might launch on an innocent country but frankly we don’t care anymore. After what the world has put us through, we are fed up and if you aren’t an ally, you are an enemy of this country and would be treated as such. Absolutely no attacks on us would go unpunished. The punishment would be swift and not in any way fair or equitable. There would be no more “bringing the guilty to justice” policy in the new Divided United States of America.

We conservatives would all have the right to own guns and carry them once we've been certified. They would have no guns because they hate guns. Are you starting to get the point? Life would ultimately be as you always dreamed it would be. Playing by the rules would just be automatic. There side would continue to have what I would describe as NFL players. That is to say, people who think cheating is totally permissible and encouraged. Our side would primarily consist of PGA (tournament golfers) where not only is cheating not permitted or even considered but calling penalties on yourself is common. Our politicians wouldn’t be career politicians. They would serve two terms in a whole lifetime and then they were exempt from ever serving in politics again. They would be highly paid but when their terms are up, they are up for good. They would go home to their real jobs…just like The Founding Fathers intended. They wouldn’t have to spend all their time trying to get re-elected. The Libland would have no conservatives to get in their way so they could just continue to be corrupt with each other. We really wouldn’t care at all. In Conservative Land, there would be no corruption and in case we found corruption, those people would be tried and if deemed guilty would be sent to prison. There would be capital punishment in our country and there wouldn't be capital punishment in their country because they value psychotic life. As for abortion, it would only take place when absolutely necessary such as in cases of rape or incest. That issue would be between the woman and her doctor. Period. End of story. Nobody would tell you what you could or couldn't eat. We would run our country according to the Founding Fathers wishes and they could do what ever they felt like doing. Jobs would be created on our side because we would encourage individuals to take risks because they would be rewarded. Jobs would also be created just handling the influx of people into our half and helping those who wished to leave get settled into their half. They would also benefit because of an influx of liberals. Jobs would be created on their side too. In the event people moved to their side and didn't want to work, they wouldn't have to. They would get paid for not working the same way liberals do now. There would be changes but it wouldn't be as bad as one would think.

This may not be the perfect solution, but I think the idea has some merit. We would simply be two countries living in the same fifty (or fifty seven) states on the same continent but on two different sides. We would share a common border and people would be free to come and go just like they do in Europe. We would build a fence to keep illegal aliens out of our side and we would make sure our borders were secure. They would benefit too because nobody would try to "sneak" into our country where they wouldn't be welcome or rewarded handsomely. The illegal aliens would simply "pop in" to The Liberal United States of America" anytime they wanted. In fact, the entire country of Mexico could just move out of Mexico and into Libland.

Of course we know The Liberal United States of America would be doomed to fail because socialism doesn't work...ever. Before long they would be asking for our help and we would then have to make a decision as to whether we wanted to help them or not. We already know what would happen if we said yes so my instincts tell me there would have to be some drastic changes made if they wanted to come back to a place where reality exists.

I would appreciate some feedback on this. What would you be willing to put up with or give up to live in a land where everything makes sense? Would you mind moving if it meant you didn't have to turn on the news and see idiots like Barack Obama talking down to you and telling you to spread your wealth around? Would it be worth some sacrifice if you never had to look at Chuck Schumer again? Does the thought of having an all-conservative Supreme Court that actually followed the Constitution excite you? How great would it be to not even consider building Mosques anywhere in our country and especially near Ground Zero? Would we get New York? Would we get Los Angeles? Those answers are in the details.

One side could divide the country as they saw fit and then the other side would get first choice as to what side they wanted thus encouraging the side that did the dividing to do it as equitably as possible. The new countries would all have to be made up of adjoining states. You couldn’t really have a state here and a state there. There would have to be one common border. Everything would be done that way. It would take at least a decade but I can promise jobs would be created and people would be happy once everything was completed. They would be happy because they wouldn't have to deal with us and we would be happy because nonsense and foolishness would be a thing of the past.

Any and all suggestions or ideas are welcome. If you think the plan is lunacy, go ahead and say so. If you think it's the most brilliant thing you've ever heard, by all means let me know. If this idea has merit, then maybe we can present it to one of the new representatives and he or she could bring it up on the House Floor. Who knows what the reaction would be?


1. Jamey Little, my Facebook friend, suggests that as the liberal states fail and come begging to us for help, we have the option to annex them back into our side and they would then become a conservative state in our conservative half, never to be liberal again.

One thing is for sure; the way things are now is terrible. Everybody is in a bad mood and life is too short to feel that way all the time. We don’t wish liberals harm. We just don’t like their politics and they don’t like ours. There is nothing wrong with that. By dividing The United States of America into two separate but equal countries, we just might find ourselves more united than ever. This idea could make life for everyone better. In fact, we just might see the collapse of America turn into the rebirth of least half of it anyway. Only in America could such a thing actually work!! J


Aks S said...

that's one smart man right there! ;)

cary in catonsville said...

a bit isolationist isn't it?

Fritz Marston said...

Mr. Lazarus:
Since you asked, here goes (3 points):
1) Your ideas are all great. I've been arguing for 40 years that it's time for another secession, this time not over slavery but over stupid liberal ideas. Those of us who share your thinking (the vast majority of Americans) can take over the deep South, Midwest Rustbelt states, and Mountain time zone, and leave the coasts to the pointy-heads. And yes, for that I'd be willing to move (especially out of New Jersey).
2) The poisonous liberal-conservative divide in this country can be traced to Teddy Kennedy, responsible more than other pinhead for the "borking" of Robert Bork. But neither Clinton nor Obama has ever done anything to mitigate, much less relieve, the ideological hatred that has ensued, festered, metastasized. All over the U.S. today, families no longer gather for Thanksgiving for fear of the predictable political arguments that will break out. Think about it: marriages ruined, families estranged, states bankrupt, all because of liberal stupidity. Finally,
3) On a more cheerful note, I love your formulation, that "we will never get along with them because we don't think like them and they will never get along with us because they don't think." Starting tomorrow morning, that's MY line.
Fritz Marston

Kevin Bryant said...

I do applaud Mr Lazarus's enthusiasm and his thank his for sharing his opinion which he has a constitutional right to express, I do not share and could not support his idea on physically dividing the country. We fought one war over divisions of ideology in this country already. The civil war did have some merit to it and the difference between then and now also included economics when the south seceeded from the union. I do believe that the individual states did agree to voluntarily join the union and have the right to seperate themself from the union and form a seperate nation. The U.S. has always been a nation based on Judeo Christian law and we have gotten away from that. We need a united nation not a divided one. we need to come together on basic ideas and principals not separate based on them. the TEA Party and 2010 elections were a start and we need to keep doing this until we get the right people in office and fix what is broken in this nation. I just can't support a Divided States of America.

Jim S said...

I think they tried something like this during the Civil War and look what happened. My bet is the Liberals would not ever agree to this because they need the money from the Conservatives to continue to support their Socialists programs. While the writer does make many good points about our differences, the way to resolve it is to put as many Constitutional Conservatives into Office at both the State and National Levels so we can redirect the Country in the right direction. This started in 2010 and will hopefully be repeated in 2012 including the removal of our Socialist President.

His desire to create Class Warfare between the so called “Rich” and us poor “Middle Class Citizens” by attaching everything that makes our economy a success is beyond me but fits well with his promise to turn the USA into a Euro-Socialist Country. He needs to go , sooner than later, with or without his Birth Certificate!


Nancy S said...

some really interestig ideas Louis.. It is clear you are searching with heartfelt enthusiasm for solutions to the seemingly unbridgable ideological breeches choking our nations freedoms and future. Thanks!