Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Omnibus Spending Bill?

Omnibus Spending Bill?
Al Ritter

Obviously Congress is either in denial, or even worse they want retribution. The Democrats in the house and senate surely didn’t get the memo from the November elections when they lost their super majority in the house, and almost lost the senate.

The country is tired of a government who can’t control their poor spending habits. It has been recently reported that the problem is not revenue, but rather spending. Congress on the average spends $1.80 for every $1.00 collected in fees or taxes. It may be different if America had the money for these spending habits. The problem is that we don’t, and to add borrowing interest to the mix only adds to the deficit.
Subsidizing every unemployed citizen for 99 weeks is certainly adding to the $14 trillion dollar debt, and as long as democrats are in control shows no signs of subsiding.

The lame duck democrats (the ones voted out,) seem to have some sort of axe to grind on America. They are blaming US for the national debt and now they have been voted out they want to impose and saddle the incoming house with a myriad spending bills.

We HAVE to stand up and tell them we have had enough! Let someone else drive that car democrats, we see what you have done to the national deficit in just 4 short years, and we don’t like it! We can only hope that the incoming republicans can reverse the damage you have done!

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turk182 said...

I really fear for the "life" of our country