Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama Continues to Do What He Does Best

Obama Continues to Do What He Does Best
Al Ritter

This week signaled the beginning of the 2012 campaign for a reelection to the presidency for Barack Obama. Of course President Obama has never wasted a chance to do what he has done best for the last 4 years and that is campaign. This time he has to do something he has never done before in a campaign and that is to run on his record. When the Senator Obama ran for the presidency in 2007 he ran on a record of “present” votes while serving the senate.

Obama dismissed his shortcomings in the first two years of his administration and leftovers from the Bush era and what else was he to do? The President received the Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishments he was to promise, but never completed. In fact just the opposite was true; he wages war in four countries now, with no real end in sight.

A promised lower unemployment figure never materialized from the Stimulus Program, but our President reminded us that it COULD have been much worse. He later reminded us of the jobs he saved or created, although those figures could never be proven. Each President of the United States has printed more money than the President before them, but the Obama Administration is working at an unprecedented increase. Although specific figures are not being reported, we do know he is using 18 tons of ink a day!

Obama promised transparency and openness at the beginning of his Presidency and although Jay Cutler the Whitehouse press secretary says that the President has proven that claim many times, he never sighted even on instance. Various groups have tried repeatedly to obtain documents through the freedom of information act, but have been unsuccessful.

Obama promised to close Gitmo and pull troops from Iraq, neither of which has happened as yet. The candidate Obama promised to work with world leaders to restore the respect that George Bush had destroyed. Once in office Obama embarked on a mission to insult our allies, and burn past bridges of many friendly nations. His attempt to make America more acceptant of Muslim nations has been largely unsuccessful.

Obama’s open door policy to protect our country against foreign invaders has been non-existent, and his policy of open enrollment to social programs for illegal aliens has been expanded. He has even taken the side of Mexico in the lawsuit against the State of Arizona. He approved a sting operation to arm Mexican drug cartels that eventually ended in the death of an American Border Patrol officer with one of those guns.

Violations of the Constitution are many and often, the latest being the lack of consultation of congress to install a no-fly zone over Libya on just the UN’s approval.

Obama will do what he does best in the next two years and that is campaign, we can not ignore his ability to do that well, nor can we merely sit complacently and watch. The only way to remove this President is to call him out on his record, something we couldn’t do in 2007.

The actions of the last two years can no longer be placed on the shoulders of a past president, President Obama will sink or swim based on what the people think his involvement was, and it is our job to show them the light.


barb p said...

And pray people will act on his 'accomplishments' not his 'promises'...

Kevin Bryant said...

Let me be sarcastically yet accurately clear, the Obama administraton has set a new standard in non-see through transparency. Their open book policies are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Cutting the deficit in half to this administration means multiplying the debt x 2. The Obama foreign policy: If you trust America, you’re more stupid than we thought. The Obama legacy: Kings and rulers will come and go, but the damage done by my administration will live on for centuries. The Obama principle: “I am neither King nor God, check out my cool halo”.

cary in catonsville said...

Campaigning is all Obama ever did well, everything inbetween was wasted time until it is was time to run again.