Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Right’s Preoccupation with Donald Trump

The Right’s Preoccupation with Donald Trump
Al Ritter

Like a moth that is attracted to a flame, the Tea Party right has recently been drawn to Donald Trump. The issue as I see it revolves more around Trump’s single issue of Obama’s birth certificate rather than his ability to win a republican primary for the presidency.

Trump is speaking the conscience of the right because he doesn’t have the political clout to lose like many other presidential hopefuls. His popular themes on oil production, Chinese debt domination, and Obama’s birth certificate seem to be the most important ones in the public eye right now.

The question remains, “Who is Donald Trump, and what are his stands on the issues? Delving into his statements of the past is really the only way to root out his personal views. His most recent support of the Tea Party goes against his actions of the last campaign where he donated to Harry Reid’s campaign over Sharron Angle; He also supported RINO Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. He supported Arlen Spector over Pat Toomey. He supported Rahm Emanuel in the run for Chicago Mayor’s seat. He supported the far left candidates Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, and Charlie Rangel. His donations leaned 2/3 to the Democratic Party and one third to the republicans.

His stand on abortion has flip flopped from pro-choice in 2009 to pro-life in 2010, blurring the lines. His stance on guns follows more of a democratic stance than that of a republican, demanding more weapon to fall into the assault weapon ban, and increasingly tougher rules for firearm registration. His stance on healthcare is to go one step farther on healthcare than Obamacare has, to have an equivalent of a single payer system.

Trump wants to tax the “super rich” 14.25% on their net wealth, money that has already been taxed to eliminate the national debt.

Many of his supporter’s claim that what America needs is a “businessman who can run the country more like a business than a social experiment.” Nice sentiment, but less we forget that this wonderful businessman has declared bankruptcy 4 times since 1991………..not much of a statement on his wise business decisions is it?

Republicans here is your candidate if you want him!


barb p said...

What scares me more than anything..."who" thought Obama really had a chance? There is a part of me that wants to say "he doesn't stand a chance"...but that sounds all too familiar...

Dear God help us all!!!

Kevin Bryant said...

No thanks, I'm leaning towards Tim Pawlenty right now with Santorum second and Newt and Huckabee running quite some distance behind.

barb g said...

I totally agree with your article. However, anybody is better than Obama even if it will be Trump, he can't be any worst than this marxist communist that is in the White House right now. Just imagine 4 more yrs of this anti American fraud.