Monday, May 9, 2011

The Country Suffers While Obama Shifts Attention

The Country Suffers While Obama Shifts Attention
Al Ritter

They latest trick is the Obama Administration’s ability to shift attention to various issues while they stay perplexed over the main problems in our country. Last week’s recent filing figures for unemployment rose to 474,000 staggering our economy even further. The Administration continues to artificially prop up the stock market through the Federal Bank, claiming that the jobs that have been lost “might never come back.”

No country has ever had an economic recovery without putting people back to work, and yet the Obama Administration continually claims that we are in a “jobless recovery.” To further confuse the public, the way the unemployment figure is calculated was changed by Bill Clinton in his Welfare Reform Act. Once all benefits are exhausted and the recipient doesn’t return to work they are taken off the roles of the “unemployed.” The real figure is closer to double the 9% the Administration claims.

All the while the important issues are continuing the sleight of hand tricks continue with the Administration. I am not minimizing the fact that Osama bin laden has been killed, or that President has finally presented his long form birth certificate, but it does seem odd that those two things have come to light in the last two weeks amidst the president’s falling approval numbers.

Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing things over and over again the same way and expecting a different outcome. Our president continues on the same trail merely throwing money we don’t have at a problem that isn’t fixed by money alone. Obviously the current cure isn’t working, and the liberals refuse to admit it.


barb p said...

I guess it is like misspelling a matter how many times or ways you still means the same thing!!!!

cary in catonsville said...

double dip recession is coming!