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Trickle Down Destruction, A Conspiracy Theory

Trickle Down Destruction, A Conspiracy Theory
Kevin Bryant

Ronald Reagan may not have coined the phrase Trickle Down Economics but he made it a household phrase in the 80”s. I call this piece Trickle Down Destruction because it works on basically the same theory but just with different players.

First I would like to say, welcome to Kevin’s wonderful world of conspiracy theories. To many of you this is going to sound a little Glenn Beckish and probably rightfully so. This has been floating around in my head for several weeks but I couldn’t put all the pieces of it together. A Glenn Beck show managed to fill in some of the pieces I found myself looking for but couldn’t quite come up with.

Had it not been for a younger black senator from Illinois who had terrific speechwriters, the weight of the Chicago political machine behind him coming out of nowhere with a list of friends even more devious and better behind the scenes players than those of the Clinton political machine, she would be president right now. Let’s be real now, there is no way she would have ever lost to John McCain. Hillary won almost all the primary states against Obama where left leaning independents outnumber left wing democrats.

Once the primaries were over, Obama faced an even bigger hurdle than beating Hillary. He needed her and Bill’s support. We all know Obama is a mere puppet of the radical left which is something Hillary would have never been. Obama verbally trash talked Hillary in the primaries, all but called her husband a racist and a second rate president. How do you convince these people to help you win an election? Enter the two best married political minds of the latter 20th century along with John Podesta and the George Soros and Hillary Clinton founded Center for American Progress.

Shortly after Obama took office, it “slipped” that Joe Biden was given his choice of either VP or Secretary of State. If you believe this to be fact, I have some great ocean front property in Kansas that I would love to sell you. Look at the facts, Joe Biden was whipped in the democratic primaries by almost every candidate. Obama knew he could not be elected if he did not have the support of the Clintons regardless of who his running mate was. Then it is leaked he gave the choice of office to Biden while Hillary is just to roll over and play second fiddle to Biden, I don’t think so.

Hillary, since the middle of 2010 has not done Obama any favors. She has publicly second guessed Obama’s choices a few times while you never hear her single him out in praise. As Secretary of State, she gets to fly under the radar more-so than that of a VP and at the same time she is in the position of meeting a lot more global players in private. Hillary is too smart to do anything publicly to undermine the president and too smart to do anything to boost his ratings.

Conspiracy Time:

Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are the only two people elected to the office of President of the United States in the past 75 years who unseated a current sitting president. George Soros has publicly stated on more than a few occasions that Obama is not living up to the expectations of Soros’s Center for American Progress or Soros’s Tides Foundation or the 50+ satellite organizations where Soros is a major contributor.

Obama has to have the Clintons to get elected, no way around this. You don’t think there was some back door deals made for that support? Who heads Obama’s transition team but the one and only John Podesta, former Clinton insider. Who heads the CIA, another former Clinton insider. Some of Obama’s highest advisors are former Clinton insiders. Obama’s entire administration is either former Clinton insiders or Marxist revolutionaries who are going to exactly what the Clintons and Soros want, which is in line with Obama’s views of how things should be.

Obama is likely to go by the wayside like Jimmy Carter. Most smart democrats know this and it won’t take an overly popular republican candidate to defeat him. I once thought Hillary might run against Obama in 2012 but that was never her intention. I now believe it was a well thought out misdirection move on the part of the Clintons to maintain control of Obama’s actions. Make a move that appears to be a threatening one and Obama backs down. That is his nature. I once like many others believed it was Soros who was pulling Obama’s puppet strings. I was wrong. If Washington DC were a theatre, Soros would be the production manager and show’s producer, Obama would still be a mere puppet but it is the Clintons would be the directing the show and pulling Obama’s strings.

Hillary is not going to run in 2012. The Clintons and George Soros could care less who wins the white house in 2012. If Obama is somehow re-elected, the puppet stays in place to do their bidding. If he is defeated, he will have already caused so much damage that it can’t be repaired in a mere 3 years and the republican 2012 winner will take a fall despite his or her best efforts to right a sinking ship. The Clintons, with the financial backing of Soros will make an all out assault on capturing the white house in 2016 and unless some miracle happens between 2013 & 2015, Hillary will win the 2016 election. Remember, Bill beat a sitting president, George Herbert Walker Bush and his popularity numbers were higher than those of George W. Bush when he was re-elected to office.

Picture any newly elected President taking office in 2013. Now look at the shape of the world in 2014. The only true friend America will have left is Canada. Most of the Middle East governments that were in place in 2010 will have been overthrown and replaced by even more extreme Islamic governments. Those that haven’t been overthrown will capitulate to the will of the others for their own survival. I can easily see Israel in a full blown war with multiple Islamic countries and only Great Britain there fully backing them militarily. We know Obama won’t lift a finger to help. Hillary, as Sec of State will have already brokered her own deals in exchange for keeping America out of the fight. Russia and China could care less if Israel stands or falls and will use their stranglehold on the rest of Europe and Asia to stay out of it. The economy is going to be severely wrecked by 2014 and again, barring a miracle, the economy, unemployment and inflation will have American people lashing out at anyone and everyone because the damage will have been done in such a manner that no administration and no congress can completely turn things around in 3.5 years.

A world in chaos, America is on the edge of imploding and there is no real world leadership. Who better to come to the rescue but the wife of a very popular former president who herself was a United States Senator and a former Secretary of State. Foreign diplomatic experience coupled with first hand American government experience. The only thing she will be missing is a white horse to ride in on. Once Hillary is elected, there is only one miracle left that will save America as we know it today, but will she have the courage to give America that miracle, will she have the guts to defy her master, George Soros and do the right thing by America?

Yes, this is a conspiracy theory and you all probably think it is more whacked out than anything that has come from Glenn Beck. Maybe so, but I promise this, If I do see things shaping up as how I described, you bet your ass I will be on the first plane headed to a yet to be determined destination in South America.

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turk182 said...

I just don't think there will be any energy left in Hillary Clinton after her first term as Secretary of State under Obama, I think he played his cards very well in keeping her under his thumb. Time will tell though, if she progresses as you assume, she will have to leave her post after 4 years IF Obama wins in 2012