Friday, May 27, 2011

Napolitano in Embarrassing Position with Administration

Napolitano in Embarrassing Position with Administration
Al Ritter

In a ruling by the Supreme Court yesterday, Arizona will now have states power in the enforcement of business hiring practices involving legal versus illegal immigrants. The ironic part of this whole case revolves around the fact that it was Janet Napolitano, then governor of Arizona that signed this legislation into law in 2007.

Napolitano has since reversed her stance on the role of state’s rights versus federal rights. Now she makes it clear that the intent of this Administration is to ignore federal laws already on the books and continue as an “open border” country. It seems funny that this very law sought to give Arizona the right to enforce hiring practices within the state, that the federal government refused to enforce, but now she disagrees with it.

This Supreme Court opinion could give a small glimpse into a future ruling on Arizona bill SB1070 sure to eventually make its way to the higher court. The left says this is a victory for the conservatives, when in actuality it is a victory for our homeland security……… ironic for Janet Napolitano!


turk182 said...

I had no idea it was a law that Napolitano had signed, I had assumed it was Brewer's ironic!

Anonymous said...

I had to giggle reading this. I live in Tucson and I remember the way Napolitano back flipped on her own decisions as Governor of Arizona once she became the Head of Homeland Security. In particular, as Governor she had moaned and groaned about how the Feds were not doing anything to stem the tide of humanity entering the state at our southern border. She was very indignant about it, so much so that she ended up calling out the National Guard to help patrol the border. Of course, once she moved to her new position in DC she hit the ground running. It seemed she couldn't back peddle fast enough. That woman was on a mission to put as much distance between herself and her past decisions as Governor.
Funny how she decided against moving back home to Arizona after leaving such a prestigious position.