Monday, July 4, 2011

Barack Hitler Obama?

Barack Hitler Obama?
Kevin Bryant

History has yet to determine if Adolph Hitler was a genius or just certifiably insane. I can sit here and make a strong argument for either side of the debate. In many ways, the same argument can be said about Barack Obama. There are many things that are similar about the lives of John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. There are many things similar about the lives of Barack Obama and Adolph Hitler.

Hitler was born in Austria and was elected to the highest office in Germany. Obama was born somewhere but to this date the debate is not yet settled on exactly where to being elected President of the United States.

Hitler was an average student at best. Obama was an average student at best.

Hitler used thug tactics and labor unions to amass power. Obama used thug tactics and labor unions to amass power.

Hitler believed in a strong central government and once in power placed people in positions to circumvent the German congress and secure that power. Obama believes in a strong central government and placed people in positions to circumvent congress to secure more centralized power.

Hitler had his “Brown shirts” to do his dirty work once in power. Obama has the AFL-CIO, SEIU and ACORN to do his dirty work once in power.

Hitler appointed Rudolf Hess, a man with no morals, as his number 2 person in the Nazi party to ensure everything he did was deemed legal regardless of the truth. Obama appointed Eric Holder, a man of no morals or ethical standards, Attorney General to deem every action taken by his administration would be deemed legal regardless of facts.

Hitler hated England because of Germany’s defeat in WWI. Obama hates England because his grandfather was imprisoned and tortured by England.

Hitler surrounded himself with hardline socialist like Hermann Goring, Wilhelm Keitel, Otto Dietrich and Josef Mengele. Obama surrounds himself with socialist and communist like Andy Stern, Richard Trumka, Cass Sunstein, Kathleen Sebelious and John Holdren. Nope, not much difference in either list.

Hitler killed over 6 million Jews. The Obama administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel and every Jew living there and create one Middle East Muslim nation.

Actual historians know that Hitler would have never been able to rise to power had it not been for the failures of Herbert Hoover or the deeper plunge into depression brought on by the actions of Franklin D Roosevelt. Obama would not have been elected had the mainstream press actually vetted him to any degree that they did Romney, Huckabee , McCain, Palin or even Hillary Clinton.

Hitler took a country that had been devastated economically and brought it to the brink of greatness before destroying it by means of war. When Obama came into office the US economy was fragile but not broken. His attempts to destroy the U.S. economically have inflicted damage but have yet to break the back of capitalism. Try as he might, he will not be able to create his socialist utopia, go down in history as a savior of a nation or even remembered in history as a better than average president because capitalism will find a way to survive.

It took Hitler 6 years to fundamentally transform the German nation. Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. President Obama, I believe when you leave office you will come as close if not closer to transforming this nation than either Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson or even the likes of Nixon, Carter, Clinton and Bush 43 combined. It will take decades to rebuild that which you will have destroyed in a mere 4 years.

Upon emerging from the constitutional convention which formed the basis for our government, Ben Franklin was supposedly asked by a woman outside the hall, "Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?" To which Franklin replied, "A Republic, madam, if you can keep it."

I have faith in America. We have tough times ahead, but I do not yet think America has seen her greatest hour. I may not live to see it, but I have the strongest of convictions that my children and grandchildren will.


barb p said...

Well written and I pray Kevin will prove to be right in the end!

grant burmer said...

Very 'Good.

Q.D.T. said...

Beautifully stated, Kevin Bryant !

Kevin Bryant said...

I just realized I left an item out. They both heavily believed in indoctination of the youth and encouraged the youth to rise up in mass protest in support of socialist ideology.