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The Tragedy of Caylee Marie Anthony

The Tragedy of Caylee Marie Anthony

Louis Lazarus

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Below are the lyrics to this song.Baby mine, don't you cry.Baby mine, dry your eyes.Rest your head close to my heart,Never to part,Baby of mine.Little one when you play,Don't you mind what they say.Let those eyes sparkle and shine,Never a tear,Baby of mine.If they knew sweet little you,They'd end up loving you too.All those same people who scold youWhat they'd give just for the right to hold you.From your head down to your toes,You're not much, goodness knows.But you're so precious to me,Sweet as can be,Baby of mine.All those same people who scold you,What they'd give just for the right to hold you.From your head down to your toesYou're not much, goodness knows.But you're so precious to me,Sweet as can be,Baby of mine.Baby of mineAbove you have just read about the essence of motherhood.

This beautiful song sung by Alison Krauss. expresses the joy and love a mother feels for her child. A mother will do anything for her child include give up her own life. It is instinctual. Mothers love, nurture and protect their children and God help anyone who tries to harm that child when the mother is nearby. Should that child disappear, a mother would be frantic and do everything in her power to get her child back. She wouldn’t wait one day and in most cases she wouldn’t wait one hour. No mother would wait for 31 days.

We have all gone through an emotion roller coaster known as the "Casey Anthony Trial". It is the story of a two year old little girl whose skeletal remains were found wrapped in a black garbage bag and tossed in a swamp. The remains had duct tape on the nose and mouth. After sitting through a trial which lasted about six weeks, most of us were convinced that the prosecution presented enough evidence to warrant a conviction of murder. We thought for sure when the jury read the verdict Casey Anthony would be found guilty of at least one count of murder or at the least manslaughter.

Instead, we got the shock of our lives when the jury found her innocent on all counts except lying to law enforcement. Then the fireworks began. Many of the TV talking heads claimed the prosecution botched the case and didn’t present the burden of proof required for a conviction. We heard them say nobody knew how Caylee died so how can the mother be convicted of murder? We also heard them say Casey was a good mother. We also heard them say even though her behavior was bad, erratic, unusual and clearly not that of a normal mother, it isn’t against the law and wouldn’t be enough to convict her of murder. Yes, we heard all kinds of excuses as if these TV talking heads lost their minds as well as all common sense.

Bill O’Reilly was outraged at the verdict. Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera thought the jury got it absolutely right. Clearly somebody is wrong. It is my opinion that the prosecution did everything correct and the jury got it wrong and I will explain why. I am not an attorney but my brain functions perfectly well and somehow my common sense hasn’t left me even though the whole world seems to have gone mad. Here’s what I think and after this explanation, I will also let you know what I believe really happened.

But first, let’s examine what we know for sure. We know for an absolute certainty that a two year old little girl was murdered. She did not die of old age and she did not die of some terminal disease. She was found with duct tape over her nose and mouth inside of a black vinyl garbage bag and in a swamp. This is not debatable. It is evidence that she was indeed murdered. If someone is murdered then there has to be someone who did the murdering and that person is by definition the murderer.

We can safely say that all 7 billion people on this planet are innocent of this murder except for one person. The other 7 billion all have an alibi as to where they were and what they were doing on that fateful day. For example, I was 3000 miles away in my home state of California. I played golf that day. I talked to everyone in my town and they also had very credible alibis and no means or motive to do the crime. After spending some time contacting everyone else in the world, it can now be said beyond a reasonable doubt that everyone else in the world is also not guilty of this crime. I even double checked Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia and believe it or not, everyone there is innocent. However, that still leaves one person with means, motive and opportunity who has no alibi. We are talking about Casey Anthony, the little girls mother. Casey had means, motive and opportunity and she was the last person to see Caylee alive. Therefore, if there was a murder…and there was….and if everyone else in the world can be accounted for except one, that leaves only one person in the whole wide world who could have committed this crime. That person is Casey Anthony. It just is. It would be unreasonable to think she didn’t do it.

The jury got the verdict wrong because they wanted video tape, 30 or 40 eye witnesses, DNA supplied by CSI: Miami’s David Caruso, a signed and notarized confession and a verbal admission of guilt by Casey Anthony. Expecting all of this is unreasonable. The term "beyond a reasonable doubt" clearly applies and the jury should have come back with a guilty verdict. They just should have.Here’s what I think happened and then you decide if this is reasonable. We will never know the truth. Remember that! Once found not guilty, Casey Anthony can never be tried for this crime again as that would be double jeopardy which would put her life in danger twice and that is against the law.

We know Casey Anthony was a spoiled, dysfunctional and irresponsible young woman who loved to party. She lived to enter "Hot Body Contests" and frequent clubs, drinking and dancing well into the night. This was what she did often. It wasn’t something she did once or twice a year. Partying was something she loved to do. But, she was a single mother with a baby. Casey had little money and could not afford a baby sitter so it would make sense that she took Caylee with her at night and Caylee slept in the car while Casey partied. We all know children are different and they can be unpredictable. Some children are always quiet. Some children are always noisy. Some children are quiet sometimes and noisy other times. I believe that Caylee, after several of these nights, would start to cry and make noise and Casey couldn’t have that. She couldn’t have a crying baby in her car while she was dancing and drinking. This was interfering with her social life. She had to figure out a way to keep her quiet and make sure she slept.

With the Internet being what it is, she was able to do a search on chloroform, how it works and even how to make it. I would bet one of her friends suggested a little chloroform would knock Caylee out for a few hours and she would sleep until Casey was ready to go home. This is most likely how she got the idea but it is also possible she thought this up on her own. The chloroform worked once or twice but Caylee didn’t like it and feared it. She cried and put up a fuss and perhaps Casey didn’t get to party "that" night. Expecting this would happen again , Casey thought a little duct tape would do the trick. It would muffle the crying. So, the next night, off they both went to the club and Casey used the duct tape as well as the chloroform. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong and between the duct tape blocking the nose and mouth somewhat and possibly too much chloroform, Caylee was not able to breathe and she suffocated. Casey returned to find her little, inconvenient baby girl dead in the car and went into panic mode. How could she explain this to the police? What could she possibly say? They would find out she used chloroform and that would be it. And, that was it. We all know the rest.. Lie after lie. Body in the trunk of the car decomposing. Backing the car up at night next to the dumpster to hide the smell.. Put the body in a garbage bag and tromped off into the swamp to hide the body. Afraid to report what she had done because now it was even worse than it was originally.

I do not believe Casey planned to kill her child but what she did at least amounted to manslaughter, negligent homicide or even murder in the second degree. When we talk about reasonable, this is about as reasonable as it can get. This scenario covers everything that happened. Everything fits. Everything now makes sense, doesn’t it? The problem is, with our justice system, we will never know. Who will cry for Caylee? Listen to "Baby Mine" one more time and I will bet you will. I know I did.


Laura Benjamin said...

This is the best and most intelligent outline of what probably happened to little Caylee that I've read. And I've read EVERYTHING. I watched the entire trial, thinking the entire time that it was a no brainer . . . Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. Watched Jose the Bozo flop and fumble and laughed. I still try to understand the jury's verdict but I can't. They got it wrong. And I personally hope all twelve of them never get a good night's sleep for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Someone I work with visits your blog frequently and recommended it to me to read too. The writing style is great and the content is top-notch. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!