Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entitlements Aren’t Always About Social Programs

Entitlements Aren’t Always About Social Programs
Al Ritter

Maybe it’s just me, but in the last few years I find it easier and easier to tell a liberal by their actions rather than a declared stance. I wrote an article a few years ago about the “Y” generation and explained the entitlement mentality of these young adults.

They would be the ones who regularly go to the “12 items or less” checkout lanes in the grocery store with 40 items in their basket, and then pay with a check. They are the ones that butt into line when they see someone they know at a concert. They are the ones who wait until the last minute to merge on the beltway and cut you off while doing it. They are the ones who cut in front of you in the gas station line while you have been waiting 20 minutes to get to that same pump.

They are the ones who constantly talk about sacrifice, but in no such uncertain terms do they want to sacrifice anything of their own for some “noble” cause. They are the ones who expect regular raises when they have just been hired by the same company that you have been working for a decade with no raises.

They are the ones who drive only the most expensive cars, live in the biggest houses and show off everything about their existence, but are never more than 4 paychecks away from being homeless. They quite plainly are the “posers of the world.” They are the ones whose opinions are worth the most, whose material objects are the best, and everything you have is mundane.

They are the ones who talk the game about charitable giving, but never give to anything or any group. They are the ones who think that government is here to take care of everyone. They think that YOU make more money than you need, and therefore you should be giving more to charity (aka the government) because only they know best on how to distribute it to the poor. They are the ones who don’t believe in god and therefore the idea of letting churches distribute things to the poor is a bad idea.

They are the ones who feel entitled to our money, our time, and our way of life without working a day for it. Somehow these people think that what they have is theirs and what we have is theirs too! They are the ones who run for office and promise the steal from the rich and give to the poor…….and that has to be the correct thing to do right?.................Well it worked for Robin Hood!


pamela m said...

Well, I’m not part of the Y generation but I am entitled to my damn Social Security check!

republican patriot said...

Actually the Supreme Court has already ruled that if Social Security goes belly up, that "we the people" are not entitled to a dime that we have paid into it.

pamela m said...

Go Figure!

barb p said...

The world sure seems 'full' of them Al...they are people I really have an "issue" with!!!!