Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Make Me Tired!

You Make Me Tired!
Al Ritter

Years ago my dear Aunt Helen (my father’s eldest sister) had a phrase that she used with my father. When we would go to Helen’s house for dinner my father would just go on and on constantly about things that didn’t matter to her. Helen would patiently listen for a couple of hours as she hovered about the stove while the rest of the family downed their favorite libation.

We knew when Helen had heard enough, the phrase she uttered rather loudly from the kitchen was, “Alfred, honest to josh, you make me tired.” I used to think that her utterance had more to do with impatience than it had to do with boredom. I say “I used to think” because I feel my dear Aunt Helen’s pain every time I see Barack Obama on TV.

His seemingly endless TV appearances drive me to very same phrase that Aunt Helen used with my father. My impatience and boredom seem to be brought on by his constant lies of the past. Once the trust is gone the impatience and anger will follow.

“Honest to josh Barack, you make me tired.”


barb p said...

Amen!!! I am so sick of seeing and hearing this man! Get off Obama!!!!

Jack H said...

Hahahahaha - Your dear Aunt Helen was right - I haven't watched anything said by Obama in a year or so now - same old same old, different day - the man likes to hear himself talk, and I really doubt he could say anything without his teleprompter. If you asked him immediately following to recap what he just said he would be clueless. I laugh every time I get a NEWS ALERT every single day from Fox telling me to stand by for Obama at such and such time. BUt I guess someone needs to listen so I can get the jist of what he prattled about later on FB so we can all laugh ourselves silly. What a arrogant egotistical putz!

Fred C said...

Hi Al. Great memory. But, Helen listening to her brother "for a couple of hours" and not saying anything is close to sainthood for siblings! My family used to get into it WITHIN hours.

Some family even git thrown out of other families houses. I am not implying anything about your Dad because I am probably like him too. I credit Aunt Helen!
I lost my Mother 2 years ago and now realize it was her that kept the family together. I sometimes wish those family times were here again.

republican patriot said...

Yea Fred, Aunt helen was the matriarch of the family and pretty much held them all together, they are all gone now......and I find myself missing those times too!