Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reality TV Comes To Politics

Reality TV Comes To Politics
Al Ritter

I couldn’t help but to laugh this morning watching Donald trump and Karl Rove lambast each other on Fox news about the “Trump Debate.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have much love for either their personalities.

What I do have a problem with is how Trump wants to make it all about him and a TV show. The feeling that somehow he is the anointed one and all candidates must parade in front of him to kiss his ring for some sort of blessing makes me ill. I AM shocked and disappointed that Dr. Charles Krauthammer is participating in Trump’s little dog and pony show, I always thought he had more class than that.

Karl Rove is another thing entirely; he is merely a washed up Republican operative that will never figure into the power base of the Republican Party again. His policy recommendations caused the horrific failure of George Bush’s second term, and the subsequent rise of the Democrats into power into 2009. His late career will only involve book sales and occasional appearances on Fox News.

While I’m at this rant, let me include Fox News as my target. Recent rating claims Fox News’s popularity is waning. Personally I can see why when they parade Trump as if he was some sort of King Maker. Let’s be clear as a bell here, Donald trump is NO CONSERVATIVE, and he’s certainly no Republican, this debate is nothing more that Donald blackmailing the American public to keep him from running as a third party candidate……….give him what he wants so he will go away!


Barb G said...

FOX also looked the other way, and never vetted Obama. Hannity was the only one who constantly talked about Rev. Wright (Obama's then pastor). FOX also never interviewed Larry Sindclair who gave a Press Conference, and wrote a book (still sold on amazon.com) about his homosexual affair with Obama.

If Obama were a Conservative the Liberal media including FOX would've lined up to interview Larry Sinclair. Liberals say that Sinclair is not credible because of minor things in his past yet the bimbos accusing Herman Cain all of a sudden THEY are credible.

barb p said...

I totally agree Al...Trump blowing his own Trumpet...again!!!

Jeffrey C said...

Man, I was thinking about this topic this morning as to how FOX news had become a Trump whore. Sad. Thanks for confirming that I am not losing my mind.

Keep up the good work. You are usually spot on with your insights.