Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recall Vote: They are at it Again!

Recall Vote: They are at it Again!
Al Ritter

Liberals have started another action to secure a recall vote, this time the target is Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. In a move to have another Republican removed from office, the petition is the first step in the process, but names of “Mickey Mouse” and “Adolph Hitler” are already present.

In a new trend of recalling people the Democrats don’t agree with these actions follow a successful recall of Arizona State Senator, Russell Pearce, the legislator that penned S.B.1070, the anti-illegal immigration bill. Another recent target of this guerilla warfare is popular sheriff Joe Arpaio.

As I have said before, the democrats are very resourceful at using laws in ways they were never intended. If this is the new way to get rid of a politician you don’t like, then I want to sign the petition for a recall vote on President Obama……anyone know where I can find it?


pamela m said...

If you do find it...let me know too!

barb p said...

If only the answer were that simple!!!